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Stop the Hate, Morning Showers are Great!

Growing up, one is bound to face much scrutiny when it comes to having different preferences to others. It’s human nature to like what one likes and to not be willing to budge from your stance on the topic. However, the one thing that I just simply cannot understand is why I receive so much backlash when people find out I take showers in the morning. “Your hair gets wet,” or “You have to wake up so much earlier,” are arguments I’ve learned to routinely expect from my family and friends in regards to my showering habits. Though those statements are true, there are many other positives that definitely outweigh those two negatives. Let me show you the path to enlightenment and finally have the chance to defend my position on this controversial matter.

Morning showers provide the best caffeine-free energy boost known to mankind. Honestly, without a shower in the morning, I am groggy, cranky and quite frankly, a nightmare to be around. My morning shower is like other people’s mandatory Starbucks before class ritual (minus the four dollar fee); without it, I just don’t function. There is something about an initial cold blast of water spritzing you in the face that just revives you after a death like sleep. Not to mention the warm bliss that follows, helping you to relax before taking on the day. It’s the perfect mix and a great way to get up and at em!

Taking showers in the morning is generally pretty lonely for those of you who need your alone time. Even little miss outgoing me needs some time to myself to recuperate and prepare for the day ahead. I’ve done the whole night time shower thing a few times in my days here at Notre Dame, and let me tell you, it’s always significantly stressful. Someone’s music is always blasting and it’s more of a mini rave than the meditative experience that it should be. While I love singing in the shower as much as the next person, doing so with four other girls to a random Drake song isn’t exactly my forte when I am trying to unwind.

Have a super hard test staring you in the face come tomorrow morning? From personal experience, my morning shower is the best place to study for exams. It’s a quiet place to go over all the information that you need to know for your exam. By reviewing in the shower, you will know precisely what you need to look over before leaving the dorm! Plus, you get to multitask while you do it, so you’re not taking any extra time away from anything else more ~funtastic~ that you could be doing instead. It’s the best of both worlds!

Finally, who doesn’t love feeling clean when they go from class to class throughout the day? A morning shower is basically a cleansing ceremony to remove all of the dirty misfortunes that happen to the body while sleeping. Having the ability to wipe away the night time sweats, the drool trail crusted on your chin, and any smeared makeup that you “accidently” left on overnight because you were too tired (lazy) to take it off the night before leaves you feeling fresh and pure.

To conclude this spiel, I would like to tell all of the morning shower haters out there that I get it, and that I do respect your opinion. That being said, before you go around making assumptions and claims laced with strong negativity, I strongly encourage you to give them one more chance. If you go into it with an open mind, maybe, just maybe, not only your perspective will change, but your entire life.

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Jessica Ping

Notre Dame '19

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica Ping, I'm a senior here at Notre Dame, and I live in the palace of campus, aka Flaherty Hall! Generally you can find me on Instagram, watching Netflix, or singing with the Liturgical Choir. I would consider myself a professional napper. I'm just your typical college student who is still trying to figure out what the heck is going on.
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