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Stop the Body Shaming

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

I know a lot of people are tired of hearing about the unrealistic standards that society holds for women, as they should be. We should be tired that we still have to address these issues. Recently, I was talking to a friend about how women are portrayed in the media and how often times this new wave of body loving individuals often come off as body shaming women who are thin. This made me think of what it means to love your body and ultimately, what it means to love all bodies.

Where do we draw the line between loving our own figure, and not demeaning the shape of other women? I’ve seen posts of thin women compared to curvy women with the caption “When did this become more attractive than this?” It is important to acknowledge that loving your body is a collective experience. We should all love ourselves in all shapes and  sizes and not demean each other by participating in a comparison of what is attractive or not. We, all women, should take our bodies off the market. All women, of all shapes, of all sizes should offer empowerment not through derision, but through discussion.

“Real Women Have Curves,” yes, some women do. But some are thin. Real women are more than their bodies. Real women are intelligent. Real women are not perfect. Real women are all different. Every woman is a real woman, no sense of self or self-validation should be dismissed because they do not fit in your conception of what a real woman is. There needs to be an elimination of the fat vs. thin debate between women. Empower each other by addressing fat phobia and body shaming. Women are so important, let’s love ourselves by loving each other. Remember happiness is so much more than a dress size and it comes is different sizes. 

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Political Science and Philosophy Major. Freshman at the University of Notre Dame.