The Stages of Seeing Your Celebrity Crush In Concert

I love Hunter Hayes (well, I love most of Hollywood, but HH’s cute face and personality make him very special).  When my friends and I heard he was coming to Notre Dame, we freaked out, bought our tickets and tried to emotionally prepare for the excitement.  We lined up and excitedly waited until were able to die in peace to the sound of his seductive voice. Here are the stages that we certainly experienced before finally getting to see our celebrity crush in concert. Don’t lie cutie pie, we know you go through them too!

When you first discovered your crush you were like:

Then, you started following everything they do.

Your friends start worrying about your sanity:

But you’re like, “Is it stalking or just a healthy obsession?”

They release a bomb album, and that’s when you know…




The waiting almost kills you.

But you make it because...THE DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!

You hyperventilate...

You cry...

You might even poop your pants.

But the emotions that fill your heart when you finally see how freaking sexy they are...

Are definitely worth it.

And afterwards, your post concert depression might be the end of you.

But at least you can live the rest of your life content.

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