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Spring Break 2k15 As Told By Gilmore Girls

Remember Gilmore Girls?

As a pre-teen/teenager, Gilmore Girls was hands down my favorite show on television. Though it was tragically canceled in 2006 after seven seasons and a change in writing staff (still bitter about that one)… 

The WB gem made its way to Netflix last year, essentially fulfilling my own heaven-on-earth scenario. In rewatching a few episodes (read: the entire series) last semester, I was sufficiently inspired by the Gilmore Girls and reminded of how outdated light-wash denim is.

The hilarious and intelligent mother-daughter team of Lorelai and Rory taught me everything a girl could want to know about junk food, movies, boys, school, and talking really fast. 

Rory’s journey through her teen years and then college are extremely accurate in portraying my own teen years and college experience. Almost identical. Like I’m about to steal a boat. 

But first, let’s discuss spring break. I’ve never really done the spring break thing, but now that I’m of legal age (holla) and a senior (meaning it’s my last chance), I figured this is the year to be a wild and crazy college kid. Like Rory, I would prefer to stay in, watch movies, and eat pizza over my spring break.

But I’m doing it big this year. So, once I’m done with my midterms, I can focus on the actual getting there portion of the trip.

By Thursday of this week, I’ll be feeling like this

In about ten days, I will be flying away to the tropical paradise that is Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. 

To be honest, this was not my first choice of destination. 

I was hoping to head to Costa Rica or another rainforest environment, away from the mobs of Notre Dame seniors and free booze (shocking, I know).

But those places are kind of expensive and don’t really have all-inclusive resorts, so I compromised and signed up for the same trip as everyone else. I am preparing to have a blast so, buckle up. 

I’ve obviously been preparing my beach bod 


Despite loving winter, I cannot wait to get away from all of this cold and snow

And to sleep in later than *8:30am*

And, with all inclusive resorts comes the lure of free alcohol. 

I’ve heard it’s not the greatest quality, but free is free! (Well, included in an already paid price)

Hopefully, I don’t get to this stage of spring break… 

For the most part, I’ll be down for anything! 



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