Soundtrack to Your Summer Romance: 7 Love Songs for Your Summer Playlist

Feel that in the air? Feels like summer lovin'! Do Sandy and Danny a solid and download this playlist to inspire your own romance! 
Play It Again
Luke Bryan
If there’s one thing Luke Bryan loves, it’s writing about pretty girls sitting on his truck’s tailgate on a warm night in Georgia. Also beer. And it’s songs about these things that have made him a country star. "Play it Again" is all about finding love with a pretty girl, or your love for your summer soundtrack. It’s classic Luke Bryan and a summer anthem you’ll wait all night to hear again.  
Super Love
Dami Im
A friend of mine recently blessed me with this nugget of wisdom: “Life’s too short to pretend not to like pop music.” I think we can all agree that jamming out to a straight up pop anthem every now and then is good for the soul. The indie snob in me wants to deny my desire for synth beats and redundant choruses, but I must admit that pop writers often write the best love songs. "Super Love" is a wonderfully irresistible pop jam that reminds us that the best thing about love is that is makes us feel pretty dang good.
Don’t Wait Remix 
Mapei, Chance The Rapper, The Social Experiment
Simple, soulful, and somehow made a little bit cooler by a verse from indie phenom Chance the Rapper, this song is a sappy ode to just how nice it is to find someone who makes you feel all tingly inside. But the indie feel helps you keep your cred, you big ol’ sap.  
Sight of The Sun
I love Fun. and have waited less-than-patiently for new releases. This track did not disappoint. This little diddy about finding peace from falling in love is a must listen for any romantic. With swoon worthy lyrics about being tamed by real love and an unhurried beat, it’s a relaxing summer jam that will steal your heart just like your new bae did. 
No Matter Where You Are
Us The Duo
The song, written by real-life couple Us the Duo, was first performed at their wedding in place of vows (crazy cute). A perfect less-than-mainstream creation, the powerful vocals in combination with the the breezy instrumentals remind us of summer while happily celebrating love and the promise of forever. 
You and I
Chemistry isn’t just a class that I narrowly passed sophomore year, it’s also the catalyst for some of the best love stories. “You and I” celebrates passionate romance in a bluesy tune that you’ll play on repeat until move-in day. 
Stay With Me
Sam Smith 
No matter how hard we try to avoid it, some love stories end and some never begin. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” because it truly is my song of the summer. Is that sad? Probably. Is Sam Smith worth the suffering? Absolutely. While I’ve only linked “Stay With Me,” I highly recommend his entire album, The Lonely Hour, which he wrote with the lonely and heartbroken in mind. Take a listen. Sam and a few $5 pints of Ben and Jerry’s are guaranteed to help you get over the end of that summer love come August. 

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