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“So I saw this thing on Pinterest…”


It begins with those seven words. “So I saw this thing on Pinterest.” Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s girls know EXACTLY what this means when your best gal pal widens her eyes with the happiest expression upon her face. You already know that she just saw this adorable new outfit that she just has to have and you two are going to have to find a time in the day where you can hurry over to the mall to put the outfit into her closet. (Unfortunately, when we pin things it doesn’t go straight to our closets? Oh…). Since preppy style goes with attending Notre Dame, there are a few rules of thumb that ND/SMC girls adhere to. And that is style. Even though we don’t essentially TRY to copycat each other, sometimes it just happens. So, in honor of those seven words, I found seven specific items are pretty typical to see on someone during a week in Notre Dame, Indiana.


1)   Spirit Jerseys. It’s almost like we’re sorority girls…but we’re not. Because on OUR spirit jerseys, we advertise our halls and our schools. And that’s okay because considering all ND halls are not co-ed and Saint Mary’s is, well, completely all girl’s, it’s absolutely 100% okay to wear these adorable shirts just like those Greek gals do.

2)   A Navy Vest. This is quite possibly one of the most essential essentialities of the ND/SMC lady. Got a cute sweater? But it’s too cold to wear it alone? Throw the vest on over and you’re good to go! 

3)   Hunter boots…complete with socks. Rainy days means Hunter boots. And since we gotta be cute, pairing them with the boot socks adds that perfect touch.

4)   The polka dot sweater. I’m not kidding when I say everyone has this. Like everyone. It’s basically an essential when you have all those Irish football games to go to. Pair it with a vest and you really do become quite the ND/SMC girl.

5)   The classic Patagonia zip-up. Comfy, cute, and preppy. What’s not to love?

6)   Lulus. Lululemon leggings. Overpriced, but hey, according to the awesome reusable shopping bag they give you upon purchase, they guarantee they’ll last you at least five years and there are no other leggings like them.  Okay, Lulu, I take your word for it.

7)   The Claddagh Ring. Since we’re Irish and all. Heart facing in, you’re taken and that’s awesome. Heart facing out, you’re single and ready to mingle! (I mean if you’re not ready to mingle…why are you flaunting it?) The funny thing is, that ND boys know exactly what this is and they definitely look at it. The GREAT thing is that these rings come in all extremities and simplicities, meaning the prices range from $20 to over $1000. So whether yours has a real emerald or is the simple, age-appropriate sterling silver ring that you find online, you can be guaranteed that EVERYONE’S got it.


Now the real question is, do you really go to Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s if you don’t wear a Claddagh ring? Probably not. 

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Hannah Drinkall

Saint Mary's

Hannah graduated Saint Mary's College (May 2016) with a major in Communication Studies & a minor in Public Relations & Advertising. She was the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Saint Mary's, which she co-founded in December 2013. She's from Florida, and she is now working in New York City with New York Times best selling author, Adriana Trigiani. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter, @hannahdrinkall!
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