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I just found the most incredible YouTuber and I’m HOOKED. As she has over 6.4 million subscribers, I’m clearly not breaking cutting-edge news, but Sayifa Nygaard is my latest YouTube obsession. She mostly does weird clothing and makeup challenges but also has playlists called “the internet made me buy it” and “bad makeup science experiments”. If you’re ever looking for an oddly interesting study break, check out her videos. Of her more recent videos, some of my favorites are “I Bought a Box of Amazon Customer Returns” and “Mixing Every Beauty Guru’s Palette Together”.

As the title suggests, Sayifa buys a box of Amazon customer returns and reviews it,  as in a haul video. She found that instead of restocking their returns, most of the time Amazon just bundles them together with other returns and auctions them off. The health and beauty box that Sayifa bought included fifty items, including an epilator, a hair laser, and some fancy lotion. The video follows the process of choosing which box to purchase, going through the box to see what actually shows up compared with what they expected, and checking to see what condition the returns are in. The returns Safiya received were in varying conditions, with some products with missing parts and several hair-related products with other people’s hair in or on them.

In the second aforementioned video, also as the title suggests, Safiya mixes together 759 eyeshadows from 70 palettes from 30 different beauty gurus. She does this to try and determine the midpoint shadow of all of them. She asserts that this may help determine the most beauty-guru-recommended color. She scrapes off a top layer from each eyeshadow in each palette, which takes her several hours. Her mega-shadow included 468 neutrals and 291 colors, with the midpoint being a sort of burgundy purple brown with a relatively prominent shimmer. She then uses a makeup fixing kit to turn the shadow mixture into a panned eyeshadow.

If either of these interested you, you’d love her content and should definitely check her out. She posts about once a week and all of her content is very creative. Her videos take you on the journey with her. She goes about these ridiculous tasks with such precision and attention to detail, which is where the humor comes in. Happy watching!


I'm a junior studying political science and Spanish at the University of Notre Dame. I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan and enjoy hot yoga, coffee dates and Bath and Body Works candles.
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