A Review of Daily Harvest

I love cooking and it’s a big part of my life, but as a busy college student there are many days where I simply don’t have time to cook a full, healthy and good-tasting meal. There’s always the option of takeout,  but that becomes expensive and unhealthy very quickly. While  thinking about my eating habits for my final semester in college over winter break, I thought it might be interesting to look into meal subscription services. This is how I found Daily Harvest. Daily Harvest’s motto is “good food that works for you.” They have a large menu of (all plant-based) smoothies, flatbreads, bowls, lattes and more that come in a weekly subscription box fully frozen. You just have to do a bit of preparation (reheating, blending, etc.) and then the food is ready to eat!


I was optimistic about Daily Harvest because I had heard great things from friends. I decided to try 14 items in my first box (which cost $88 total with some discount codes) including two flatbreads, two smoothies, two harvest bowls, two oat bowls, two protein bites, two lattes and two soups. I had some mixed results, so I’ll just give the highlight reel. These were my five favorite items!

  1. 1. Mint + Cacao Smoothie


    Just as advertised, the Mint + Cacao smoothie tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was creamy, just sweet enough and super minty. This is one of their bestsellers and you won’t want to miss it!

  2. 2. Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash

    One problem I ran into with Daily Harvest was that some of the meals were not filling enough. To tackle this problem, I decided to put a fried egg on this dish because they said it tasted like a breakfast burrito. Let me tell you...this was a game changer. 

  3. 3. Kabocha + Sage Flatbread

    meat cheese pizza on wood plate

    Despite being a little small, this flatbread was great. The veggies tasted fresh and the sage brought out all of the other flavors. I was hesitant about the cauliflower crust because of past experiences that made me think they were always mushy, but it was perfectly crispy!

  4. 4. Tomato + Zucchini Minestrone

    Soup may seem like it’s easy to make but it’s so hard to get all of the spices right, and this minestrone absolutely nailed it. It’s the perfect dish for the freezing South Bend weather and goes great with some crunchy bread on the side.

  5. 5. Chaga + Chocolate Lattes

    capuchino on white ceramic mug

    When you order the lattes from Daily Harvest you get three small pods. I may or may not have had all three in one day. This creamy, chocolatey goodness goes perfectly with oat milk and tastes like a healthier and better hot chocolate.

There were also some misses in the box I got including the Cherry + Dark Chocolate oat bowl, the Espresso Bean + Tahini bites and the Cold Brew + Almond smoothie, all of which were just a little bland. That being said, on the whole I would call Daily Harvest a win, especially if you can find some discount codes to knock down the price. Good luck on your happy + healthy eating journey! I hope Daily Harvest can work for you too.