Return of the Fashion Tycoon: Tyra Banks

You may or may not have heard the recent announcement that there will be a Life-Size 2.

Tyra has confirmed that she will be both starring in it as well as serving as an executive producer. She also suggested that it could be released next year, during the 2016 holiday season.  If that doesn’t make you want to start practicing the “Be a Star” dance, then maybe you need to listen to it again just to remind yourself of this cult-classic.

In honor of Life-Size 2 I have compiled just a few of the many other reasons we love Tyra.

America’s Next Top Model (duh). Obviously this had to make the list. After 12 years, more than 22 seasons, and numerous spin-offs in other countries, ANTM is a classic and one of Tyra’s most notorious accomplishments. She gave us “fierce”, “smize”, and fear in our hearts that time she yelled at Tiffany.

Sometimes we weren’t sure if this was a show about modeling or about seeing how much hair a beauty/prom queen will let you cut off before they cry (answer: not much). But in reality, this show was a great way for Tyra to work her mission of helping girls with their self-esteem and physical insecurities.  In an article with Variety, Tyra explains “Over time, awkward, weird and interesting just became beautiful or unique and edgy when the audience understood that beauty is not cookie cutter. I created Top Model not to have a show about modeling, but really to expand the definition of beauty.” 

The Tyra Banks Show. Tyra’s talk show ran from 2005 to 2010. It served as another channel through which Tyra could further her mission of helping women and also discussing topics that interest women. The show won two daytime Emmy Awards. One of the most famous episodes involved Tyra wearing a swimsuit in which unflattering photos of her had recently been published. In typical Tyra fashion she rocks the swimsuit (obviously) and throws some shade at her haters. Tyra takes a moment that might have been embarassing for her, and uses it as an opportunity to make a statement about the media’s obsession with weight.

Smart Executive. As many times as we have seen Tyra grace the cover of magazines or strut down the catwalk, she has never let us for a second think that her success comes from just being a pretty face. Both on and off the screen Tyra has always pushed for hard work and being tough. She’s recently been taking classes through an “Owner/President Management extension program” at Harvard. While this is not a diploma from the Harvard business school (a fact around which there has been controversy and confusion), I think its still worth commending her for furthering her education. Amidst her many TV productions, she also has her own cosmetics line.

With Tyra both in front of and behind the camera for Life-Size 2 how could it not amazing?  Somehow, I don’t think we will also be getting an adorable 11-year-old Lindsay Lohan back, but at least we can get excited for Tyra and start practicing the “Be a Star” dance (click here to listen). 


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