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Put Some Spring in Your Step: Transitioning Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it: that time between winter and spring is disastrous when it comes to transitioning your clothes. Do you ditch the sweaters completely or layer them? Are shorts even a thing yet or is it still too cold? When in doubt, girl, you do you. But here are a few tips for what to trade and layer so you can make the transition to spring in style!

Trade Dark Wash for Light Wash

Honestly, spring is a really sad time for me as far as fashion goes. It’s like this awkward in-between stage when I have to give up my beloved Madewell wool coat but I’m already dreaming about summer crochet crop tops that I can’t yet wear. To get me in that summer spirit, I’ll often trade my dark wash jeans for lighter wash. Distressed, light wash denim is really in right now. Buy a cute bandanna scarf and rock it with a sweet little tee. I see a campus cutie in the future!

Ditch the Velvet

I keep seeing those dresses at parties, ladies. You know what I’m talking about. It’s the criss-cross back mini dress made of crushed velvet. Yeah, guilty as charged. Velvet just doesn’t work for spring, sadly. We’ve got to part with it, no matter how cute it was. RIP to the matching chokers we bought just for the occasion.

Trade the Bomber for Denim

This isn’t necessarily at the top of my list because I always think you can work a good bomber. The thing is, denim is just light and airy. It works for spring because it’s enough for the chilly wind but not so much weight that you’re dying of heat exhaustion. If you know me well, you know that giving up my winter bombers is going to break my heart. Call a therapist.

Trade the Sweaters for Long-Sleeve

I’m not really mad about it. There’s something liberating about being able to give up my sweaters for a while. You get so used to living in them that it’s like, “Is there ANY other winter top out there?” Try the lace-up style tops. For spring, army green and dark rose are totally in. I already bought my first light long-sleeve shirt last week!

Ditch the Boots

I don’t mean combat boots. I’m talking about duck boots and Hunters. As much as I love them on rainy days, I do get tired of them after a long winter of snow. Tell ‘em boy, bye!

Ditch the Jewel Tones (Sheds Tear)

I’m actually crying. My favorite thing about winter is the beautiful colors. But as much as I love maroon and navy, I see some adorably trendy spring colors out right now. Get ready for blush, heather gray, and army green. I’m so ready to rock the latest trends!

Trade Puffer for Utility

I absolutely despise wearing a puffy coat in winter. I feel like a marshmallow, but I know it’s necessary to survive South Bend winters. I’m ready to remove the fur from my utility jacket and pair it with some striped tops and my Adidas.


Although it might not feel like it, spring is quickly approaching! Get ready for airy jackets, lighter colors, and a freshness that only comes when the flowers bloom. Cheers!


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