Profile: Emily Greentree

Name: Emily Greentree    

Hometown: Jupiter, Florida

Graduation Year: 2018

Dorm: Ryan Hall


What are your majors and how did you choose them?

I’m an American Studies and Statistics double major. I have always been a fan of history and understanding cultures, which is perfect for American Studies. And the classes all sounded cool.

Statistics was because I come from a family of engineers, who heavily pushed math. So I chose the major as both a backup to American Studies and because I couldn't imagine school without math.


What’s the coolest class you’ve taken at ND?

Cultural Practices of Media Fandoms, hands down. Everyone's a fan of something. Being able to understand how we consume and relate to media as fans opened up my eyes to how I view media and better understand people around me. Plus, I got to dress up in costume and write fanfiction.


What are you involved with on campus?

I’m a dancer and choreographer for TransPose. It's one of my favorite clubs because it accepts everyone, is a minimal commitment, and is always fun. And, for someone who loves dancing but isn't great at it, its a non-judgemental space for dancing.


What are your post-grad plans?

Next year, I’m going to be attending law school at the University of Florida. They have one of the top family law programs in the country, and I’m hoping to go into adoption law working for Catholic Charities. Plus its warm, sunny, and close to my family.

Favorite Book? Ella Enchanted

Favorite Color? Purple

Favorite Disney Character? Figment, the purple dragon from the Epcot attraction.

Favorite Dining Hall Food? The cheesesteaks.


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