Preparing for Break

As we approach the midpoint of finals week, we all need to get packing. Here is a realistic look at an attempt to leave campus:

1. Packing while Studying

Packing is the ultimate procrastination tool because it is super necessary.  But packing for winter break is complicated and necessitates packing gifts and everything you may need for an entire month away from campus. Then, you realize you haven't picked up a book for two hours for your exam the next morning.

2. Cleaning Everything

We have to have our sinks, at a minimum, cleaned off before we leave. So, then you have to do dishes, which necessitates that you take a break. Then you pick up the random junk that has accumulated on your floor, then you attempt to find a functioning vacuum, and then its midnight and you call it a day from studying.

3. Spending those Flex Points

Well, since you paid for those with tuition, you have to take an inordinate amount of study breaks to walk to Starbucks and get more coffee instead of saving time and grabbing the free coffee your rector put in the lobby. And then you run into a friend going abroad, and before you know it you lost two hours to farewells.  You also unnecessarily walk to get breakfast at Einstein’s facing a long line that you definitely shouldn’t invest that much time in, but you do anyway.

4. Farewells

You plan a movie night as a farewell to some friends you won’t see, whether for a whole semester or just the month of break. Maybe you planned a gift exchange for the end of the semester. It may take three hours away from studying, but it’ll be the part of the year you remember far longer (especially since you plan on completely blocking out Orgo II).


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