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Pinspiration: Snow Day DIY

Roads are closed and classes are cancelled, so what’s a gal to do? When you’re tired of getting ahead with your schoolwork, try a new form of productivity and get creative with those DIY projects you saved on Pinterest during winter break.  Check out these 6 options for some classic Pinspiration on your snow day!


1.  Word Banner

Supplies needed: paper, scissors, and string

Pick a word or phrase and cut out letters to spell out your banner.  If you don’t have colored or patterned paper, get creative with sharpies or crayons to decorate your signage. 


2.  Washi Tape Cords

Supplies needed: Washi or paper tape

Coordinate your charger cords with washi tape!


3.  Embroidered Chucks

Supplies needed: Converse, embroidery thread, needle

Dress up your Converse Chuck Taylors while dreaming about warmer weather.  Even better, get them ready for football season and give them an Irish Spirit update (think gold, blue, and kelly green)!


4.  Bottle cap magnets

Supplies needed: Bottle caps, nail polish, glue or mounting tape, small magnets

Put that bottle cap collection you’ve been accruing throughout the school year to good use! Perfect to keep on hand for last minute birthday gifts.


5.  Friendship Bracelets

Supplies needed: Embroidery or craft thread

Check out this compilation of 15 stylish takes on the quintessential friendship bracelet.  These are great projects for movie marathons, because we all know snow days mean movie days!


6.  Decorate your new notebooks

Supplies needed: Paintbrush, Modge Podge, spiral notebook

Just a few weeks into the semester, you might find yourself already tired of your plain notebooks.  Jazz them up with some modge podge and magazine page scraps.  You might just find yourself excited to open up your notebook and take notes during lectures after this DIY.


Stay inside, keep warm, and get creative!


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Katie Fusco

Notre Dame

A senior English and American Studies double major at the University of Notre Dame, Katie is passionate about media, education, and public history. 
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