Pink Week: Pink Gifts to Help Your Friend Survive Uncuffing Season

Everybody is well aware of the term “cuffing season,” but people often forget to mention cuffing season’s less popular cousin, “uncuffing season,” which inevitably comes around every year. This unpleasant time is full of breakups and confusing sentiments, and it is #awkotaco for everyone involved. As a friend of someone in the midst of uncuffing season, you have a very important role in the process. Being pretty experienced in this role of supporting the uncuffed, I have come up with a master list of ten gifts that will help brighten the mood and begin the bounce-back process.

  1. Post-breakups are always hard for both parties involved. It is important to take into account that your friend will feel extra tired but might struggle to sleep regardless. Luckily, Nordstrom sells the perfect pink slip eye mask that will absolutely lull her to sleep.

  2. It is important to treat yo self, especially when you’re feeling a little sad. Because of this, it is important as the friend to keep the tasty drinks coming for the uncuffed. One of my favorites is the Pink Drink that Starbucks features on its menu. It is tasty, cute and very photogenic.

  3. Because who doesn’t love fuzzy socks?!

  4. Now that your friend is newly on the market, it is important to keep those lips moisturized and ready at all times. (; Soon enough, your role as a supportive shoulder to cry on will turn into the role of a wingwoman!

  5. Once uncuffing season turns into bounce-back season, your single friend may want a fresh makeup look. I personally suggest a beautiful, natural glow that is very achievable with one of my favorite eye-shadow palettes. Help your friend show off the new look and make an ex aware of the mistake that has been made!

  6. Sometimes, your friend is just gonna have to cry it out. This is when having a scrunchie handy to hold her hair back would come in handy.

  7. One of the most important steps of a break-up is the revenge bod. Although break-ups are often accompanied by plenty of bad things, good results can come from them as well!

  8. There’s nothing more therapeutic than a relaxing trip to the nail salon or even a make-shift nail salon at home with your best friend. Snag some pretty pink nail polish from the local drug store (and some candy while you're at it), and put on some tunes for a guaranteed good time.

  9. I know it’s cliche, but ice cream is a gift from God, I swear. Especially Ben & Jerry’s. Period.

  10. Another reason why break-ups are so difficult is that they are accompanied by a lot of change and growth that wasn’t necessarily desired or chosen by the parties involved. Although they’re definitely hard and usually unenjoyable, break-ups are a good time to learn more about yourself and grow into the person you strive to be. Support your friend in making the most out of the situation!

There are lots of ways to be a good friend. But being there for your friends, especially in the midst of hardships, is crucial in cultivating strong, meaningful relationships. SO’s come and go, but if you want to be a forever friend, you need to put in work when it matters. So, even though uncuffing season isn’t necessarily anticipated by all or fun, it is an opportunity to grow closer with your friends and family and to facilitate growth!