Pink Week: 5 Male Celebrities Rockin’ Pink

It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and that means it’s Pink Week here at Her Campus. Between discussing the realities of the disease and highlighting beauty products, our writers are dedicating their articles this week to all things pink in support of those fighting breast cancer and to let people know about this cause. In this article, we will look at our favorite male celebrities who have shunned traditional images of masculinity and have rocked a pink piece of clothing.

  1. 1. Sebastian Stan

    An often overlooked member of the Marvel cast, Sebastian Stan can often be seen wearing fashion-forward outfits on the red carpet. In this photoshoot, however, he takes a risk donning a full pink suit and it totally pays off. Goodbye boring black tuxedo. Maybe this will inspire other male celebrities to bring some color to award shows.

  2. 2. Harry Styles

    Harry Styles is a rockstar of the modern era and makes a buzz with whatever he wears. From the Met Gala to concerts, he never shies away from the unconventional. This can be seen here in some very stylish, velvet pants in a soft shade of pink. His bizarre outfits at events seem to be a genuine reflection of Harry’s personal style, as this picture was taken during a travel day for the singer and are an everyday part of his wardrobe. 

  3. 3. Will Smith

    Now, this is a story all about how Will Smith was not afraid to make a bold statement with a pink backward baseball cap. The Fresh Prince reached quite the pitch of popularity back in the day, but Will Smith was still not afraid to make the atypical color decision. Everyone loves a good throwback, so I had to include this one on the list.

  4. 4. Timothée Chalamet

    Timothée Chalamet is an award-winning actor, known for his complex on-screen characters. On the press tour for his film Beautiful Boy, he did several interviews and wore increasingly impressive outfits. This snazzy jacket is just one (pink) example from a Tonight Show appearance of his eclectic fashion choices. I don’t know about you, but I think his stylist deserves a raise.

  5. 5. Chadwick Boseman

    I could have made this entire list a Marvel cast appreciation post, but I figured that could wait for another article and narrowed this list down to two superheroes. Chadwick Boseman rocked up to the Oscars’ afterparty wearing this nudish-pink suit, and man oh man did he pull it off. On Hollywood’s biggest night, many male celebrities often take the safe route with their fashion choices, but Chadwick said go big or go home.

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