Packing Panic

The Stages of Moving Out, for the Last Time

  • Completely ignoring packing until finals are done

  • Dragging up your suitcases from the storage room

  • Realizing you acquire at least a dozen new t-shirts this year (most of them free)

  • Gleefully throwing all of your class notes in the trash as soon as the final is done

  • Judging if your sheets and towels are even worth saving at this point

  • Trying to sell your terrible futon

  • Failing to sell your terrible futon

  • Dragging the futon out to the Old to Gold pickup

  • Tripping over your carpet as you try to roll it up and tape it

  • Donating your winter gear if you are heading south for grad school or home

  • Trying to figure out if lugging home shoes with holes in them is worth their limited remaining use

  • Trying to fit all of this in around saying your goodbyes

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