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Now Accepting Writer Applications for Her Campus Notre Dame

So, you’ve been a loyal Her Campus Notre Dame reader! Wonderful! That’s step one to becoming a part of HCND. We’re hoping you’ve noticed the awesome articles, fashion tips, and campus celebrity profiles we’ve been publishing for nearly two years now. Ever feel like we’re lacking something? Like there’s a hole in Her Campus ND that only YOU can fill? Want to be involved in a fast-paced, blog style campus media outlet? This is your opportunity to do something about it! We are currently looking for new writers to keep our community up-to-date on all the Notre Dame and collegiette happenings in the world today. The application to become a part of Her Campus Notre Dame for the 2014-2015 school year is live NOW

Feel like you might not fit in at Her Campus ND? Think again! HCND is a team of girls from every grade level with a variety of opinions. We strive to represent EVERY point of view on campus! If you have something to say, we want you to say it with us. HCND is the place to express your thoughts in a safe and welcoming environment. 

What does it take to be an HCND writer? We ask that you write weekly articles and upload them to our website. Don’t worry – we’re here to show you how! In addition, we will have a staff meeting every two weeks beginning this fall. If you’ve seen our site (and we’re hoping if you’re considering writing for us, you have), you know our articles range from personal stories to campus cuties to world news to Notre Dame events. Your articles are completely your own! You have the freedom to write about whatever is on your mind.  

But wait! There’s more! Not ready to commit to writing for us, but still have something you’d like us to cover? Have you heard of an amazing event that isn’t getting the campus attention it deserves? Do you know a campus celebrity or cutie with a story that needs to be shared? We still want to hear from you! Just let us know what’s important to you by filling out this form

Want to start writing for us this year? Great! Let us know!


The deadline for our application is August 31st! Comments, questions, concerns? Don’t hesitate to contact Sara Spittler (saraspitt@hercampus.com) for help. 

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Sara Spitt

Notre Dame

Meet HCND's current Campus Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief! Originally from outside of Chicago, Sara is a Senior Peace Studies, Theology, and Italian major at Notre Dame (yes, that is three majors; no, she doesn't have any free time). When she isn't painting her nails, Sara enjoys cooking vegetarian friendly dishes, taking pictures for The Dome yearbook, and reading for fun. Sara began writing for Her Campus Notre Dame in May of 2013 and quickly fell in love with the site and it's staff! After writing for the inagural editorial staff (shout-out to AnnaLee, Katie, and Lex!) for a semester, Sara decided to branch out and become an editor. She particularly enjoys doing interviews and sharing travel expereinces, as well as connecting with the HCND reader network through thought-provoking social commentaries. If you like what you read from her on a weekly basis, this self-proclaimed "Queen of Social Media" has several accounts for you to follow - twitter, instagram (@saraspit22), tumblr, and a blog! 
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