ND Majors As Iconic DiCaprio Roles

With the huge win at the Oscars for everyone's favorite and previously unrecognized actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, he deserves a little special HerCampus Notre Dame recognition. Leo’s multitude of roles throughout the years show a surprising diversity, quite similar to the diversity of majors we see here on campus. So here are a few of Leo’s most famous roles reimagined as familiar courses of study. 

Chemistry: Titanic

The chemistry between Jack and Rose is undeniable. It’s not uncommon to hear chemistry majors walking out of an exam, comparing their exams to the iceberg that sunk their GPA. 

What did you wish for? An easier major. 

Neuroscience/Psychology: Inception

The whole movie revolves around the inner workings of the mind. A psychological thriller, Inception describes some of the major fears of Psychology majors, that they’re too caught up in their minds. 

Biology/Environmental Science: The Revenant 

Set in the woods and involving a rather close encounter with a bear, Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant definitely reminds us of some of the Biology majors: a little too close to nature. 

PLS: Romeo+ Juliet

An updated version of the classic Shakespearean love story, PLS majors share the same quality of taking really old stories and trying to make them more exciting. We aren’t sure how we feel about it, but they are certainly enthusiastic. 

Foreign Language: The Departed

Anyone whose been to Boston knows that those accents practically count as a foreign language. 

Business: Wolf of Wall Street 

A life of luxury describes the ideal future for some Business majors. It’s all about the money. 

History: The Great Gatsby

Nothing screams history major like historical accuracy and the Roaring 20’s. With their acute attention to details and their passion for jazz, History majors fit right in on West Egg. 

Whatever the major, you all deserve an Oscar! HCND XOXOXO

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