National Catholic Call-In Day for Dreamers


The US Conference of Catholic Bishops announced a National Catholic Call-in Day in support of Dreamers for Monday, February 26.  At mass on Sunday, there was an intercession praying for legislation to protect these young people, that read “For our Congress: may it take up legislation and move forward promptly to ensure true protection for Dreamers; that as a nation we may continue to offer welcome and support for these young people, advocating for their permanent protection and eventual citizenship.”

Campus Ministry and the Center for Social Concerns hosted a call in in Geddes Coffeehouse Monday from 12-3pm for all the faithful to fulfill this request to contact their Members of Congress. Geddes had lists of names of representatives by state, and a sample script for what to say.  They even mentioned which Senators were Catholic, so that invoking the name of the USCCB could might make more of an impact.

As the USCCB stated: "Our faith compels us to stand with the vulnerable, including our immigrant brothers and sisters. We have done so continually, but we must show our support and solidarity now in a special way. Now is the time for action."


I was floored, but maybe I shouldn’t have been. Notre Dame has repeatedly demonstrated that our line in the sand is DACA, emphasizing what we will do for those students, from prayer services to legal representation if necessary. So Monday, for the first time in a few months, I called my representatives.  

Here’s a guide to that:


  1. Save three numbers in your phone: 2 US Senators and 1 House Rep. Add some...colorful language to their contact name if they have especially despicable positions.

  2. Run through what you want to say. It helps to know the points you want to make in advance, even down to the wording.

  3. Call and be calm.

  4. Tell the staffer (or voicemail) your name, and mention that you are a constituent from whatever town or zip code. Tell them why they need to listen to your perspective.

  5. Tell them what you stand for and mention a step they should take.  From “protect Dreamers from deportation” to “pass legislation for a path to citizenship.”

  6. Thank them.  No matter what you think will come of the call, or what you think of the representative, thank them.


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