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My Top Five Spotify Playlists for Midterm Season

There’s no doubt that everyone is feeling the weight of the semester at the moment, especially without a fall break in our future. I feel like I’m in the middle of my marathon to winter break, but instead of running at a steady pace, I’m carrying a backpack full of bricks and struggling to sprint through syrup, all while trying to catch and crush an onslaught of midterms being thrown my way. However, like in any marathon, a strong workout playlist can make or break the motivation needed to keep powering through. I’ve found it to be the same case when working out my brain to prepare for exams or write papers. Luckily, Spotify has dozens of playlists at our disposal that are perfect for any “study mood,” whether it be background music or intense songs for when you’re burning the midnight oil, trying to finish that essay by the deadline. Here are my top five playlists that have gotten me through lots of late nights and procrastination sessions, getting me in the mood to dial in and get my stuff done!!!​

Your Favorite Coffeehouse

This is my go-to playlist to use for general studying at the moment. Spotify definitely knew what they were doing when they curated this list of mellow tunes, making any study spot feel like the cozy corner of a Starbucks. Pair this playlist with a hot tea or coffee, and you are primed to have the most productive study sesh of all time.

Rap Study

Seems kind of out-of-place, but hear me out. For me personally, this isn’t the kind of playlist I could listen to while reading or writing a paper, but I’m a huge fan of listening to rap while doing math homework or chemistry problems. It just makes the repetitiveness of problems a bit more fun! And it’s backed by science; Cambridge University completed a study that showed that hip-hop and rap music can help improve brain function!

Intense Studying

This is the playlist I use for when I really, and I mean really, need to channel in and focus during a study session. I’m talking tenth floor of Hesburgh Library vibes, if you know what I mean. I’m a big fan of soothing piano sounds, and this playlist has 210 songs that are often changed up, so it never gets old. Thanks, Spotify!

Late Night Study Sesh

This is another one of my all-time favorites. Seriously- twenty hours of chill but not boring music? What more could you ask for? I’ve actually found some of my current favorite songs and artists from this playlist and have added them to other playlists, so this is definitely a good one!

No Lyrics-Study

This playlist has such good vibes! Although the songs do not contain any lyrics, it’s not your typical list of classical music. It’s composed of chill music that is certain to keep you feeling uplifted but won’t compete for your brain’s space when trying to memorize definitions or master equations during a late-night study session.

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My name is Grace Haak, and I am a sophomore at Notre Dame! I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, but on campus I live in Ryan Hall. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and hopefully minoring in Compassionate Care in Medicine! I love creative writing, all things fitness, country music, anything pink and girly, and I have an unmatched passion for La Croix sparkling water.
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