Makeup Essentials for the Busy Collegiette

If there’s anything I’m sure of in the world, it’s this: College life is busy. Between going to class, extra curricular activities, working out, studying, eating, and slipping in some social outings here and there, it’s a miracle that I can find the time to put on makeup in the mornings.

Although it’s not necessary to don a full face of makeup every day, using a few essentials is a great way to attempt to hide dark under-eye circles – a feature that has become all too familiar on my face since I began school last fall. Incoming freshman (and returning students, of course) listen up – make sure to have these on hand when you arrive on campus in August!


1.  Moisturizer

There’s a lot to adjust to during your first year in college – new classes, new faces, new responsibilities, new living arrangements – but one of the most unexpected adjustments I faced was my skin’s adjustment to the South Bend climate. I was shocked when my face started drying out constantly from the bitter winter air. Moisturizer became the cornerstone of my quick morning beauty routine – a necessity that I would surely regret if I skipped it.

When I realized my usual moisturizer wasn’t cutting it in the dry, cold air my mom recommended Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer. I realized that mother truly knows best, because it quickly became my saving grace and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great facial moisturizer--even those of you with sensitive skin! It also offers SPF 15 sunscreen protection, which is always a huge plus, because you can get sunburnt even during cloudy days. 

Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer - my go to! 

2.  Concealer

This one is a no-brainer. If the world were a perfect place, Starbucks would deliver, we would all get 8 hours of sleep every night, and we would always have perfectly clear skin. Unfortunately, the world is not a perfect place (sigh…) so we have to deal with occasional (or not-so-occasional) breakouts.

Concealer takes about two minutes to apply and blend and makes a world of a difference on a tired face. There are countless different brands and types of concealer on the market – liquid, powder, or stick, just to name a few.

My two favorites are Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation Stick (which I use as a concealer) and MAC’s Select Cover Up. They’re without a doubt the two most-used products in my makeup drawer, mostly because they work wonders on a tired face.


3.  Champagne Colored Eye shadow

Eye shadow can be fun to experiment with but can also take a lot of time to perfect. If you’ve got an extra few seconds in the morning, run a brush full of champagne colored eye shadow over your lids and inner tear duct area for an instant pick-me-up. This trick quickly and easily makes you look like you’ve gotten eight hours of sleep and brings some light to your eyes, making them look bigger and brighter!  

Thankfully you won't have to do that when you use a little champagne colored shadow!

4.  Mascara

This go-to product can transform your face in a matter of seconds. If you have dark, long lashes you could probably skip this step, but for anyone like me with shorter, less impressive lashes, mascara will become your best friend. Even if you don’t use any other eye product, mascara will make your eyes pop (Bonus points if you smudge a little more product at the base of your lashes – it makes your lash line look thicker – like you took the time to apply eyeliner).

There are so many different kinds of mascara out there, but a good rule of thumb I’ve found is that most drug store brands work just as well (if not better) than the higher-end brands. I’ve been using Maybelline Falsies mascara for a couple years now and I absolutely love it.

The "mascara face"

5.  Tinted lip balm

This last step can be done as you run out the door in the morning. Tinted lip balm kills two birds with one stone by providing your lips with much-needed moisture and a little color at the same time. I’m not the biggest fan of lipstick because it has a tendency to dry out my lips and has the potential of looking too heavy on my face, so I’ve always opted for a lighter option.

The great news is that there are several different kinds of tinted lip balm on the market, so you’re bound to find one you like! I’m a huge fan of Tarte’s LipSurgence Lip Tint, if you need somewhere to start. 

Always remember that you look amazing with or without makeup! Makeup is never a necessity, but it can be fun to play a little with different colors and techniques to boost your confidence if you want a little more pizzaz in your daily look. And remember, as Marilyn Monroe once said, "A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear." 



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