Life in the Bubble

“I can’t wait to go to the movie theatre… Wait, what movies are even in theatre?” My roommate stood in the middle of the room discussing our possible plans for the weekend and reached a roadblock when it came to what movies were actually available. This summer, if you had asked me at any given time, I could have listed all the movies and their casts. However, since moving back to the Bubble of Notre Dame, my knowledge of popular culture has decreased exponentially.

Not knowing what movies are playing is just a small example of what the return to campus can do to your knowledge of the world beyond the boundaries of Notre Dame, Indiana. It is so easy to focus on school work and campus news that the rest of the world ceases to exist for large chunks at a time. This ignorance of our surroundings is so dangerous for a population such as ours: a large group of educated, socially minded individuals who have great potential to make actual changes to our world. There are so many reasons why we should be extending our minds and applying the education we’re receiving.

1. It’s Election Season

If you don’t know that there is a presidential election going on, then the problem is much larger than I expected. If you’re old enough to vote, the most important thing to do right now is to familiarize yourself with the candidates, their platforms and the most discussed issues. You’ve been given the opportunity to participate in a crucial decision that will affect the next four years and likely .. Do not throw away your vote on an uninformed decision. And make sure to apply for that absentee ballot!

2. There is a LOT going on in the world right now.

From conflicts in Syria to the South China Sea, to refugee problems and the implications of Brexit, the international community seems to be approaching a critical point. The election is all the talk in the United States right now, but a lot of the topics up for debate stem from larger issues that span across the globe.

3. It’ll make you a better student

Maybe you’ll draw an important conclusion for your international development class or find a social service calling. Maybe you’ll see the true meaning of the saying “history repeats itself”. The world outside of campus is full of information. By staying up to date on the latest research and news, you will be able to contribute to your classes and research with the most relevant information.

Ways to Leave the Bubble

Leaving the Notre Dame Bubble doesn’t require a car, plane or train, just access to the internet. There are a number of sources that are student friendly and timely so that you can stay in the know, even when you’re busy with coursework.


My favorite is The Skimm, which is sent to your email each weekday morning. I read it on the way to my 8:20. Funny and accurate, The Skimm offers blurbs of the day’s news with links to full articles.


A lot of news channels will offer audio recordings of the nightly news. It’s a super easy way to listen to the news in between classes.

Social Media

These days social media has become an excellent way to get accurate news. Snapchat has a CNN story. All the news channels have their own Facebook pages and Twitter accounts that supply minute by minute updates. Whatever your app of choice, you can find accurate sources that provide quick headlines to at least catch your attention.

Stay in the Know Collegiettes! XOXO HCND

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