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The Koolest Kat Around: Katherine Hernandez ’18

First things first: Katherine actually goes by Katherine, not Katie. And she’s not from Chicago either, if you can even believe it. No, this Katherine hails from LA, and has strong ties to her Guatemalan heritage. She’s always smiling, laughs at everything, and has great taste in music. Add to that her ambition and wicked intelligence (she decided to take intensive Italian… for fun) and you’ve got a real keeper.


Name: Katherine Hernandez

Major: Neuroscience and Behavior (Pre-Med)

Year: Freshman

Dorm: Pangborn

Hobbies: Watching TV, listening to music, reading (although I haven’t read for fun in a long time), late night coffee runs

Next on your watch list? Firefly, Orphan Black, Parks and Rec, Emergency Couple, Personal Taste… (the list goes on)


Buzzfeed post: The one with all the funny Tumblr posts in one (see here)

Website: Youtube

Youtubers: Tyler Oakley and Joe Sugg. I would say all of them but… there’s not enough time.

Band(s): *Opens Spotify* The Lumineers, Echosmith, Hozier, Vampire Weekend, and Mumford & Sons before they changed.

Snack: I don’t know what my favorite snack is… I’ll go with applesauce.

Movie: It’s so hard to pick a favorite movie. Pride and Prejudice is one of them. It has all the feels. Big Hero 6, because it had everything a movie needs.

Memory: I have this memory of when my dad made pancakes and burned them really badly. He said they were still good, we just needed to add honey, lots of honey. But they were really burnt. He said they were just like chocolate pancakes, but I was like: No, Dad. That’s not how it works.

On Notre Dame

What’s your favorite thing about ND?

That’s a tough one. Nothing. *Laughs* the people. My friends.

What’s your least favorite thing about ND?

The double standards between male and female dorms – the way male dorms can throw parties, the RAs acting like tour guides at parties. If that happened at a female dorm, you would get kicked out before you could even pack your things.

Why Notre Dame?

I came during Spring Vis and fell in love with the campus. That was the big thing. Also financial aid.

Favorite memory at ND: 

It’s between the day all our friends stayed up all night talking or the day we stayed up all night and I surrounded that sleeping couple on South Quad with flower petals. (We stay up all night pretty regularly.)

Dream job after graduation: 

Doctor… surgeon. I used to be really interested in liver transplants, but now that I’m doing neuroscience maybe I’ll do something closer to that. In California.

The Squad

Random Q and A

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes, I do. *While waving hands* Yes, there are definitely spirits that linger.

Three words to describe yourself: girl, hair, sleeps-with-socks

Bucket list: Go abroad. And… eat an entire cake in one sitting. Go bungee jumping.

If you could change your name, what would you be called?

Katryana III

If you could live in a TV show, which would you pick?

Somewhere between The Office and New Girl. I’d help Jim mess with Dwight all the time. And in New Girl they’re having fun all the time and don’t care about the fact that they don’t have jobs. I would finally know how to play “True American.”

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you choose? 

Jane Austen. That’d be pretty cool. Then I could get an autographed Pride and Prejudice copy. 

What clubs do you want to join?

I’d like to get involved with MSPS and go to more Notre Dames get-togethers.

What’s not to love about KoolKat Hernandez? Thanks, Katherine!


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