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The Joys of Going Home for Spring Break

As many of us pack up to go off to sunny places to get a nice Spring Break tan, I am packing to return to the cold, snowy, and not so sunny Minnesota. Although I am jealous of the sun and swimsuit Instagram pictures that are going to come out of these vacations, I am more than ready to just go home. Below is my list of why going home is a great spring break option.

  1. I get to see my family. As my senior year of college comes to a close, I am quickly realizing that I have a limited amount of guaranteed time with them. Very soon I will not know when I will be home next, and likely will have to question whether or not to come home for Christmas OR Thanksgiving. I am really excited to be able to just exist in the normalcy (or lack thereof) of my house, parents, and little sister.

  2. Family get-togethers. Whenever I come home, inevitably we have a family get-together with my immediate family as well as some of my aunts and uncles. It is SO lovely to be with my family, eat yummy food, and catch up on what is going on in everyone’s lives. (We also usually go to a really good restaurant, so the food is exactly what you want after 2 months of either the dining hall or apartment living).

  3. I get to relax. Granted, this is not the kind of lay-on-the-beach-drink-in-hand relaxation, but it is another form. My mom (in all her goodness) has a massage set up for me. I get to go shopping with my grandma. See Black Panther with my sister. I get to do some of my favorite things with my family, and that in itself is relaxing.

  4. I get to sleep. This part of the list needs no explanation. I am excited to be in my own bed for hours on end.

  5. I get to go to the library. This is really nerdy of me, but I LOVE libraries and the one at home is light-filled, and new, and not the library that I have pulled all-nighters in.

  6. I get to get coffee at my favorite coffee shop. I stand by the statement that Mojo-2-Go in Faribault, Minnesota is the best coffee in the world. Get the spiced mocha. It will change your life.

  7. Home cooked food. Aka the real reason I am going home. I have already requested several specific items of my favorite food to have during the week that I am home. My mom is even making my favorite Easter dessert a few weeks early so that I can eat it this year. 

  8. It is cheap/free. Home means that I can drive my parents’ car, eat the food in the fridge, not worry about the electric bill, and generally be more relaxed about financial worries. Obviously, as the last thing on the list, this is not even close to the most important aspect of being home. However, it is a perk that must be noted.

I hope that you all have a fabulous spring break, no matter where you decide to go!

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Hello! My name is Nadia Tiy and I am a junior studying Russian and Education, Schooling, and Society. I am originally from a VERY small town in Minnesota, but I am happy to call Notre Dame my current home. I love all things involving books and coffee, so I can most often be found in Waddick's with a large coffee and Russian novel in hand. When I am not reading for my Russian lit classes, I am in DPAC stage managing, running (or walking) the lakes, binge watching Netflix with ice cream, or catching up with my friends (over coffee of course).
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