The Joy of a Weekend Getaway

Last weekend, I spontaneously went home for the first time (excluding major breaks) since coming to ND three semesters ago. Home is my perfect place to escape the ND bubble, take a quick brain break, or even press life’s “reset” button. Few things compare to surprising my sister at school and petting my dog in front of our crackling fire.  During my short 48 hour trip, I paused and thought about the little joys of taking some time away.

1. An excuse to not do homework

Because if you’re not at school, courses don’t exist, right?? Oh wait—now I’m behind.

2. Catching up with family

Weekly phone calls home don’t compare to quality time spent together.  A quick weekend trip is the perfect way to fill my parents in on life at ND. When your sister doubles as your best friend, shopping trips and lunch dates are inevitable! Though I’ve lived in the same town almost my whole life, my sister and I like to try a new local restaurant or café every time I come home.  

My longer breaks don’t usually line up with friends, so I use them as time to explore new areas in town! This weekend, we went to one of the only Vitality Bowl locations in Indiana, and I tried Kombucha for the first time. I finally realize why it’s such a hit in the Huddle.

3. New Wardrobe

Beyond the shopping trips, I have a tendency to come back to school with one or two of my sister’s sweatshirts.  (I’ll give them back eventually, but it’s fun to see how long it takes her to notice).

Also, going home on the brink of a season change can be the perfect opportunity to switch out your dorm room wardrobe.  Thanks to the polar vortex, I ended up bringing even more cozy blankets back.

4. Consistent Temperature

My dorm room heater changes its mind a lot, so my room can go from icebox to sauna in an impressive amount of time.  When I come home, however, the only temperature swing I face is whether or not I’m sitting in front of our warm fireplace.  Consistency is nice, sometimes.

5. My room!

I took not climbing the stairs to get into my bed for granted the first 18 years of life. I’ll never view my own room with such indifference again.

6. Jamming to music in the car

Though I’m constantly listening to music during my walks to and from class, I can actually sing along in the car without anyone noticing.  My road trip playlist favorites include “Cough Syrup” by Young the Giant, “Shake it Out” by Florence & the Machine, and “Love on Top” by Beyoncé.  

Finally, coming home makes me realize how excited I always am to return to school.  I am so grateful to attend a university whose entrance never fails to make me smile.  Even if I don’t miss my loft, I can’t wait to see my friends and take in the beauty of campus once again. Notre Dame is just another type of home—a Home under the Dome.

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