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The Joy of LaCroix: Top Five Flavors

It’s about time I wrote an article on my love for sparkling water; seriously, when I say I have at least two cans of LaCroix a day, I’m far from exaggerating. And if you aren’t a LaCroix fan, consider this my attempt at a sales pitch to get you on board. I’m not even sure if this list is ranked because I love every single flavor, but here are my top five favorites!


Formerly known as “cran-raspberry,” this has been my favorite flavor since I first traded sugary soda bubbles for carbonated water sparkles. Cranberries and raspberries may sound like an odd pairing, but each sip is deliciously sweet and refreshing. I can firmly say that this is the epitome of what sparkling water should be.


This is one of LaCroix’s newest flavors, and definitely one of its best. When I sip on a can of Limoncello, I can’t help but feel as though I’m on the Amalfi Coast, soaking up the sun without a care in the world. The lemony flavor is faint but pleasant, and the sip is so smooth. It tastes like birthday cake in the best way. Just trust me on this one.


When I saw this flavor announced, I almost did a backflip out of excitement. I consider watermelon to be one of the most refreshing fruits, and when packed into a can of LaCroix, its fresh flavor is enhanced even more. LaCroix has truly outdone themselves with this one; it’s like sipping on summertime! 


First of all, can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty this can is?! I’m clearly a fan of the pink cans, but Hibiscus is just perfect in every way. It has a slightly botanical flavor and is 100% crisp and clean. It’s unique, and while the thought of drinking something flavored like a flower might turn people away, believe me when I say this is one of the best things I have ever tasted.


I feel like the coconut flavor is controversial in and of itself; you either love it or you can’t stand it. This flavor reminds me of a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, which means that sipping on a can of coconut will transport you to whatever beach you’re dying to be at. It’s slightly sweet and totally creamy, and overall just delicious, which is why it makes it to my top five favs.

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Grace Haak

Notre Dame '24

My name is Grace Haak, and I am a sophomore at Notre Dame! I'm from Phoenix, Arizona, but on campus I live in Ryan Hall. I am majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior and hopefully minoring in Compassionate Care in Medicine! I love creative writing, all things fitness, country music, anything pink and girly, and I have an unmatched passion for La Croix sparkling water.
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