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Most of us can relate to the long hours of browsing through Pinterest and Instagram to try to make our dorm look the cutest and feel the best to come back to every day after class. Now that school has officially started everyone is in the process of getting their lives together, and for most people, this also means that the stressful process of dorm decoration and set up is finally over. Nevertheless, room inspiration hunting is not over yet… Guys’ creativity when it comes to dorm room ideas is definitely underrated by most of us. Most people think the furthest guys can go is hanging up flags and setting up colored lights to set the ambiance. Being at Notre Dame for three years now has completely changed this perspective for me. It has, in fact, showed me that guys have a special talent. I think it is time that we shine a light on the creativity, the environment adaptation skills and the ability to work with the little materials provided, that guys possess. Enjoy!

 Maximizing Space

This is what making the most out of furniture and space looks like. One futon was placed on top of two desks while the other one was placed on the ground. This complex setup allows more students to comfortably fit in a room while enjoying an elevated surface (which we all do).

Original Decoration

Now this, without any context, looks like it was taken straight out from a history book. These two pieces of art were created in the attempt to uniquely decorate a dorm and to give it a (very) personal touch. Most of us decorate our walls with posters or pictures, but in this case, these roommates decided to edit their faces into famous old paintings and frame them, creating an artistic environment with old century characteristics.

Thinking Ahead

This last one is an example of hard work and problem-solving. These quad residents placed wooden floor tiles on top of the actual floor to not only give their common space a more luxurious look but also to protect the floor when hosting social gatherings and avoid university fees for room deterioration.

These are three of my favorite works done by guys on campus and their impressive approach to the realm of dorm decor!


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Alexia Torrico

Notre Dame '21

Hola! My name is Alexia and I am a Senior Finance major and Collaborative Innovation minor at Notre Dame. I am so excited to experience college through my writing!