An Interview with Georges-Ibrahim Cisse

Georges-Ibrahim Cisse is your average, well-dressed international student. He learned English in a matter of weeks, hopes to cure HIV/AIDS one day before becoming president of his home country, and loves to dance and choreograph for PFresh in his spare time. On second thought, he’s the farthest thing from average. Read on to learn a little about your new favorite dancing bio major.  

Name: Georges-Ibrahim Cisse

Hometown: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

Major: Biology, Studio Art Minor

Age: 21

Dorm: University Edge (but previously Dillon Hall)

Activities: Pfresh, Gym

Can you describe your current living situation/how you know the author?

I live at University Edge, right above the author actually (who lives with my girlfriend and a weirdly impaired Arkie). I spend most of my time bothering them and feeding on their wheat thins.

So you're from Africa, are you a prince? But seriously are you tired of that question yet?

I think I will leave this one out. I guess you could say that it's a mystery, but I promise I've never sent scam emails in my life.

How'd you end up at ND?

I did something really crazy; I took a plane from home (fancy huh) and got to Chicago. I then took the bus from Chicago to ND. Voila :).

But seriously, my college adviser recommended I applied to ND because she thought it would be a good fit for me. After doing some research about the school I decided she was right. I also got the chance to interact with representatives from the school (from the Hesburgh Yusko Scholars Program) which helped me decide.

Where do you hope to end up after grad? 5 years from now? 50 years from now?

Don't stress me out like that. But I hope to get a position in a research lab doing HIV research before going to graduate school (where I'll probably be in 5 years). Hopefully I'll be enjoying cocktails on the beach in the Bahamas in 50 years.

What's been the biggest adjustment living abroad (both at ALA [African Leadership Academy- his High School in South Africa] and in the States)?

I would say that the biggest issue going to ALA was the language barrier. Adjusting from French to English wasn't really easy but somehow I was able to do it. The only issue I had to deal with when it comes to the US was the cold and the snow. There's way too much of it (especially at ND). I'm a sun dwelling creature.

What do you miss most about home/wish we did better in the states?

I miss the food and the atmosphere in general. Like they say, there is no place like home.

Ok enough exoticisizing. Let's talk dance. Tell the world about P Fresh. How'd you get involved? What's the general vibe?

My P fresh nation!! Shout out to my P family: Killer Cheung, ma boy Zeds, Flex points, Chief D, H the Savage, R You Won't, Mons the Bell, the hand twisting freaks (they'll recognize themselves),princess slayer, Granny, J the shoe taker, A the artist, pretty boy kev, and all the others. Ok that was mostly a shout out but it just shows how much love I have for these guys. Pfresh is a family, a group of people that come together to express their love to dance and mostly roast each other.

I guess this is the reason I keep making time for pfresh. It is a safe space for me. It's where I can go to forget my problems and just hang out with my friends.

Anyone who knows you knows you're all about that #GymLife. Please explain to a gym-phobic like me why you torture yourself like this? It's super impressive. But explain.

It's all about the pump. That moment when your muscles are so tight it feels like your skin is going to rip anytime (Author’s Note- No thanks). But lowkey I just love food so I figured I should just capitalize on that and make some nice gains :D.

Rapid Fire

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke any time.

Tea or Coffee (feel free to mention who provides you with it)?

Tea of course (except when I'm sleep deprived but still need to turn in assignments I forget about until the night before they are due). Shout out to Christy Hill (the weirdly impaired Arkie) for that super strong Irish Tea ;).

Rihanna or Shakira?

Two years ago I would have said Shakira, but now I'm all about bad gal riri.

Would you rather be attacked by 1000 duck sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Woaow, that is pretty deep. I guess I would say one horse-size duck (more chances of escape).

Any closing words of wisdom for all your new fans?

Go to the gym people. Make gains not war.


Thanks Georges!


Images: 1, 2, 3 (provided by interviewee)

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