Interior Design Taught By a Local YouTube Addict

If the ten week long winter break taught me anything, it was interior design. Yes, I spent the majority of my time on YouTube, watching interior design videos. I’m not exactly sure where this obsession came from, but nonetheless, here are 5 key things I learned in the process.

  1. 1. Curtains are EVERYTHING

    plant in window

    White, airy, ceiling-high curtains. And don’t even think about putting the curtain rod directly above the window - place your curtain rod about 4 inches from the ceiling to draw people’s eyes upward and make the room feel larger. These Ikea curtains are a personal favorite.

  2. 2. Mirror Hack

    It's no surprise that symmetry is very aesthetically pleasing. When it comes to bedroom design, windows can end up in some pretty funky places, making balance and symmetry a difficult task. Placing a mirror where you feel a window should be for symmetry and lighting's sake can mimic the look and feel of a real window.

  3. 3. Budget "High-End" Countertops

    Rustic Vegan

    If you’re renting a place, or need an upgrade on a budget, you might want to look into marble contact paper. It’s significantly cheaper than real marble, but can give the light and bright look you’re searching for to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen.

  4. 4. Grounding a Space

    If you’re living in a small space, being able to separate your dining room from your living room from your home office is essential. Rugs can help to ground spaces and convert one big room into three smaller ones. Make sure your rugs are big enough so each piece of furniture is either completely or at least halfway on top of the rug to get the effect.

  5. 5. Two Words: Frame TV

    Retro wooden TV, VHS tapes and old stereos surrounding it

    I didn’t even know these were a thing until I saw Sharah use them on her Youtube channel, The Kinwoven Home. These TVs blend in with the artwork around them, so that when they aren’t being used, they’re not such an eyesore. While they are on the expensive side, I think this is a great investment for anyone who hates seeing cords and/or doesn’t like the generic look of a normal TV.