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If Guys’ Dorms Were Halloween Costumes

Halloween may be weeks away, but it’s never too early to begin planning what to wear for the big day. If you don’t have your costume yet and are still waiting for inspiration to strike, check out this list and consider dressing like one of your favorite boys’ dorms.

Alumni Hall

Break out the Chubbies and backwards hat – it’s time to get fratty. Sure, everyone knows that Alumni isn’t a fraternity, but that doesn’t stop them from trying to be one! Complete this look with a pair of sunglasses. Proceed to repeatedly chant, “Wake it, shake it!” until someone kicks you out.


This look requires commitment, but the solidarity you’ll feel with the sixteen people that live in Carroll will make it all worthwhile. Transform into a true vermin by bleaching your hair, but not in a good way – make it look like the bleach you used was definitely not meant for human hair. Show up to the party with a bike and jump into conversations by saying, “Hey, did you hear some football players got arrested??”


I don’t know, wear red I guess? Act like the smartest, strongest, humblest person? Dillon should update their mascot.


For this dorm, everyone expects the green blazer, so take it a step further. Add a pair of plaid pants, a flat cap, and a golf bag to really make sure that everyone knows you just stepped out of the country club. This costume also has a few hidden benefits. For instance, expect everyone to be really nice to you in hopes of securing the ever-coveted Willis Tower SYR date spot. Sure, you aren’t actually in Duncan and couldn’t give them that spot, but they don’t need to know that.


Here’s your chance to get creative. Since Dunne is so new and hasn’t established a reputation yet (except maybe the reputation of being envied), you can basically wear anything. Sport a tutu, wear a fedora, dress in exclusively Ed Hardy – nothing’s off limits! If anyone asks what you’re supposed to be, just smile and proclaim to be a “typical Dunne guy”. They’ll probably be confused, but in an attempt to not look stupid, they’ll just chuckle and nod.


You can take this one two ways. You could go with the typical bro-tank/swim trunks/paddle combo, or you could adopt a literal approach and ask to borrow all of your uncle’s fishing gear. The latter might be the more cumbersome costume, but think of all the snacks you could store in your tackle box.


In the theme of the Revue, represent Keenan by dressing up like a comedian. Luckily comedians tend to wear regular clothes, so this is a great option for the low-effort Halloween partier. Throw on a pair of jeans, an ironic graphic tee, and carry around a microphone all night. Make jokes about Zahm guys and St. Mary’s girls and you’ll remind everyone of their favorite Revue performance. Also, make sure to get all of the good jokes out at the beginning of the night before you get censored.




If you’re into puns, this dorm is the right fit for you. Come to the party covered in tangled rope, and make sure to emphasize that you’re a “Knott” when people ask what your costume is so that they’ll know right away that they definitely don’t share your sense of humor. If you’re looking for a bunch of groans and you do “Knott” want to get anybody’s number, you’ve found the perfect costume!


To accurately represent the spirit of Morrissey, you’re gonna need a child’s extra-small outfit from 1925. This way, you can portray the uncomfortably-close quarters of Morrissey’s infamous rooms while honoring the year they were founded. Also, don’t you kind of picture a little kid in knickers when you think of Morrissey? No? Just me? Okay.


Refer to Alumni, but instead of chanting “Wake it, shake it,” yell whatever the BrO’Neill guys scream in the dining hall.

St. Edward’s

Now’s the chance to dust off that first communion outfit! Wear all-white everything, complete with long, itchy, ivory gloves and a halo. As long as no one remembers that string of profanities you said when you got back that exam you bombed, you will look like a saint for sure!  


For this costume, you’re gonna need a horned helmet and a high tolerance for cold weather. Pretend Siegfried’s Day of Man is on October 31st this year and wear the most weather-inappropriate costume possible. People will be so impressed by your strong indifference to the freezing weather that they will surely donate to your cause, even if your cause on Halloween is to buy more candy from LaFun.


You could wear a sweater vest for this one, or you could do a couple’s costume. One of you could be Sorin, and the other one could be Flyin’. Think about it.


This is another couple’s costume – share an extra-large tee shirt with your significant other. One of you should wear a nametag that says “Stanford” and the other one should say “Keenan”. Make sure the Keenan half doesn’t overshadow you!


There are almost too many jokes about Zahm on which to base your costume, so just interpret it however you want.

With a little creativity and a trip to the mall, these looks are guaranteed to take your costume game to the next level. If your guy friends feel left out of the action, encourage them to dress like your dorm, although there’s no way they can pull off a spirit jersey and leggings the way you can. Have fun this Halloween, and remember to keep it spooky.

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