I Watched Every Period Piece on Netflix, Here's What's Good

Throughout my childhood, two of my mother’s greatest passions became my own: baking and period pieces. I have so many fond memories of the two of us snuggled together on the couch, eating the delicious treats we made while immersing ourselves in films, which took us to another time and place. That is why this summer I set out to complete a seemingly impossible task: watch every period piece on Netflix, both TV and movies. I also decided that I did not have to rewatch anything that I had already seen and I only had to watch things that were in English (though I found a few amazing foreign films that I just had to watch lol). Here are the best period pieces I watched, in no particular order, for the next time you are looking to transport yourself back in time.


The Crown

            The Crown chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II. It gives some interesting insight into the Queen, the royal family and those in their inner circle. The show also details the Queen’s engagement with politics, which is often kept from the public.



            Versailles does its best to recount the drama and scandal in the court of King Louis XIV, but it still barely uncovers the tip of the iceberg. This is an excellent show if you are looking for all the drama of your favorite reality television show, but in a regal setting and actually real.



            Outlander combines history, science fiction and magical folklore to tell the dramatic tale of Claire. Claire is a WWII nurse who accidentally travels back in time to war-torn 18th century Scotland. She begins living in her new home while trying to find a way back to her old one.


Dangerous Beauty

            Dangerous Beauty gives its audience a look into the glamorous life of Venetian courtesans of the 16th century. These women were upper class and educated escorts whose clients were of a similar background.  This gives an interesting insight into a part of history that is understandably not discussed in schools but important when discussing the place of women in society throughout history.


Call The Midwife

            This is a show I reluctantly fell in love with but I am so glad I did! Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth RN RM by the same name, Call the Midwife tells the tales of the courageous young women who ushered new lives into East London during the early 1950s.


Alias Grace

            This is a murder mystery based on the true story of a poor Irish girl accused of a vicious crime. Some around her see her as a spectacle, others a victim and the rest a murderer. Watch and decide for yourself.


The Tudors

            The Tudors tells the tragic tale of King Henry VIII and his many wives. It’s a story that you probably heard about in history class more times than you would like to remember, but seeing it on screen really helps you put into perspective the world in which that story took place and the motivations behind the choices of the players.




Outlaw King

            Outlaw King is the perfect film if you are more into action movies than your traditional period piece. It tells the story of King Robert I also known as Robert the Bruce who led Scotland during the First War of Scottish Independence.


Whether you are new to period pieces or have seen them all like me, plunging into the past and learning about new parts of history feels just as magical every time.

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