I Survived Finals Week 2k14

There is no feeling quite like turning in your last final and peace-ing out. We all get stressed in the weeks leading up to exams, we all get too little sleep, and we all manage to cling to a few small comforts to get us through to the end. Personally, the entire month of December was awful for me; I had papers and quizzes and homework and deadlines, I barely spent any time at home, and my diet was comprised of tea, coffee, and carrots with Ranch dressing and hot sauce (it sounds gross, but try it. Amazing). 

However, here I am on the other side, no worse for the wear. I SURVIVED FINALS 2K14 and here's how:

1. Coffee

There is no day without coffee. There is no class without coffee. My blood is 50% caffeine at this point. Thankfully, BaubleBar understands this. I acquired an adorable bracelet that made it socially acceptable for me to refuse to talk to people before I had my coffee. God Bless BaubleBar because all throughout finals week, I just held my arm up and let my wrist do the talking, then continued to furiously type away at my research paper. 

I haven't taken this beaut off since they sent it! 

2. LUNA Bars

When I'm on the go or spending 24 hours in the library (cross that one off the bucket list), I tend to forget to eat. Or at least to eat things that are semi-healthy. LUNA bars definitely come in clutch when I'm running out the door. LUNA bars are packed with protein, fiber, and calcium - a great alternative to grabbing a Snickers, amiright? My favorite flavors are Chocolate Peppermint Stick and Chocolate Dipped Coconut!  

nom nom nom

3. Hydration

Drinking water is key, especially when you consider how much caffeine I consume on a regular basis. Ergo, the necessity for an excellent reusable water bottle is real.


4. Chipotle 

What would a study break be without chips and guac? I do not have time to cook for myself when I'm go go going submitting rough drafts of essays and reading journal articles from the 1960s. I like to reward myself for all my hard work by stopping by the local Chipotle for a classic fajita bowl. That way, I don't have to cook but I still get an awesome meal!

Yes, I know guac is extra...and I don't care. Slap it right on top, please! 

5. Online Shopping

Of course finals end and Christmas is less than a week later. This makes hitting the mall nearly impossible. Praise all that is good, we live in the 21st century which means Christmas entirely online! I did ALL of my Christmas shopping this season online! A few of my favorite sites to browse for gifts are BaubleBar, chain & charcoal, Aritzia, and Cosabella.

6. Cold-EEZE

I swear I've been ill since before Thanksgiving, and the lack of sleep and irregular diet have done nothing to improve my immune system. That's where Cold-EEZE comes in. They have these awesome immune boosting  cold rememdies that dissolve in your mouth. The taste is not terrible and they seriously made me feel better after two days of taking them! These little nuggets of vitamins gave me the strength to power through!

7. Ed Sheeran's "X"

I've been listening to Ed Sheeran nonstop since I started studying. While some of the songs definitely make me want to groove, most of his music is perfectly mellow and great in the background when I'm re-reading notes! What an amazing man. Have you seen the Thinking Out Loud music video yet? 


Here's hoping you survived too! 


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