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How to Make the Most of Your Summer


If you’re like me, your summer will be over in a flash and before you know it you’re back hitting the books in Club Hes. Avoid feeling like you wasted these precious weeks away from school by making the most of your summer!


Start by keeping your schedule full and your friends and family close. My high school friends and I make a list of fun things to do every summer. We make a point of finishing our list before we all head back to campus in August. A lot of our favorite activities are centered on where we are. Do a quick Google search of the “must-do things” in your city. See how many you can fit it before you leave town and head back to The Bend!


Don’t forget to keep in touch with your Notre Dame friends either! See if you can get some time off of work to go visit your friends in their hometowns. It’s a great chance to experience a new city. If that doesn’t work out, play tour guide of your own home for some friends who can visit you.


You could also pick up a new hobby like cooking or art. Take a trip to your local farmers’ market while it’s still open and pick out some fresh ingredients for your cooking projects. You can also get crafty and finally try out all those Pinterest projects you’ve been looking at whilst procrastinating during the school year!


Another fun thing to do during the summer is to take weekend road trips with either your friends or family. You can spend the night somewhere or save money by just making it a day trip. My friends and I love to go to small towns outside the city. You can find some great restaurants and interesting shops in unexpected places.


Julia is a junior IT Management major from Minneapolis. When she isn't making spreadsheets in Excel, Julia can usually be found perusing antique shops, redecorating her dorm room, or speaking with a beautiful Minnesotan accent.
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