Holiday Week: Budget-Friendly Christmas Décor for Dorms

After a late Thanksgiving, we find ourselves quickly approaching the hectic finals and Christmas seasons. The following items are a few quick decorations from Target that will save some time and money but still bring you some festive holiday spirit throughout the next couple weeks on campus. All of the items can be shipped or picked up in nearby stores.

  1. This pillow from Target acts as a fun addition to a bed or futon. It’s a minimal room accent that still brings the holiday spirit without breaking the bank, and a pillow cover could turn this from just a Christmas decoration to a year-round piece.

  2. Also from Target, this lumbar pillow complements the red and white of the “Peace and Joy” pillow (but it also serves as a bright accent on its own). The cherry color and white sleigh silhouette are perfect for the holidays.

  3. This neutral yet festive sign from Target adds some Christmas spirit to any dorm room without taking up much wall space.

  4. This tiny artificial tree is extremely budget-friendly and is currently on sale. If you don’t have a lot of room but still want a tree, this one can sit on top of a dresser or desk to add a bit of Christmas spirit.

  5. This larger tree that stands at five feet tall adds more of a statement, but the slim shape allows it to fit in smaller dorm rooms. While not sold in stores, this tree ships free from Target, making it an easy last minute addition.

  6. This garland is a great addition to hang above a door frame, wrap around a bed post, or hang on a wall. While very budget-friendly, the garland is sold out online but in stock at the Target in Mishawaka.

  7. Similarly, this garland is only in stock at the Mishawaka Target, but it adds a lighthearted wintery accent to hallways, door frames or walls. At only five dollars, this garland will not break the bank, and it will be easy to put in storage and reuse year after year.

All of these decorations are budget-friendly and easy to obtain in stores or online just in time for the Christmas season. Especially as we approach a hectic finals week, a little holiday spirit gives us something to which we can look forward!