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Holiday Week: The Best, and Cheesiest, Christmas Movies on Netflix

Christmas season is upon us! I adore Christmas for many reasons, but one of my favorite things about this time of year is also one of my biggest guilty pleasures: cheesy Christmas movies. That being said, here are my favorite so-cheesy-that-they’re-adorable Christmas movies that are currently on Netflix:

Let It Snow

Based on a novel written by John Green, Maureen Johnson and Lauren Myracle, Let It Snow follows the overlapping stories of several teenagers during a snowstorm in their small town on Christmas Eve. While it’s filled with many cliché storylines, they are presented in just the right way to attract any audience. Tobin is in love with his best friend, the Duke. Famous singer Stuart wants a normal life, while Julie can’t decide if she should stay home to take care of her sick mother or follow her dreams and go to Columbia. Dorrie battles with her feelings for a girl who is sending mixed signals while she fights with her best friend Addie, who is dealing with her own relationship problems. The characters’ journeys through love, heartbreak, heartfelt adventure, difficult decisions and encounters with the eccentric Tinfoil Woman all lead to a party in the town’s Waffle House. Let It Snow will definitely get you in the holiday spirit as its many warmhearted moments hit you right in the feels.

The Christmas Chronicles

The Christmas Chronicles is a classic, magical, feel-good movie, and although some parts are incredibly cheesy, I found myself sitting with tears streaming down my face by the time it ended. It was released on Netflix last year, and it follows the story of siblings Teddy and Kate Pierce on the first Christmas following the death of their father. Kate is determined to keep the Christmas spirit alive, but Teddy is preoccupied with his no-good friends, stealing cars and doing everything to avoid his little sister. After being left alone on Christmas Eve by their workaholic mother, Kate convinces Teddy to help her catch Santa Claus on film, which leads to a massive adventure including runaway reindeer, a crazy police chase, a lost sack of presents and a musical performance in jail. The Christmas Chronicles is a funny, wholesome movie that will remind you of Christmas magic.

The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is reminiscent of The Parent Trap, except if the twins were two adults in a royal kingdom. It follows the story of Lady Margaret Delacourt who is engaged to Prince Edward of Belgravia, and Stacy DeNovo, a successful baker who is in Belgravia for a baking competition with her best friend and co-worker, Kevin. They decide to switch places, as they look identical, so that Margaret can experience “a normal life” before marrying Prince Edward. A critic on Rotten Tomatoes stated, “The Princess Switch is a fun piece of nonsense to watch during the holidays when the classics feel tired” and I agree wholeheartedly.

The Holiday Calendar 

The final movie on my list is The Holiday Calendar, a Christmas rom-com filled with love, magic and maybe a little too much cheesiness. It follows Abby, a struggling photographer, as she navigates her life after receiving a magical Advent calendar that seemingly predicts the future. Although it may be too much cringe for some, I found that The Holiday Calendar has many cheery, cute moments that left me smiling and feeling more festive than I did before. If you’re looking for an extra cheesy Christmas movie, this one’s for you!

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