Hidden Gem of On Campus Snacking: Knott Hall Food Sales

Knott Hall food sales are familiar to natives of Mod Quad, but until this year I hadn’t even known that they existed. (The food sales I mean. However it did take me at least a full semester in freshman year to figure out Knott existed too, sorry Juggs.) Regardless, I have discovered the Knott Hall food sales and my boyfriend (a Knott Hall native), and I made it our mission to try each menu item before he moves off campus next year. We’ve completed our mission and I’m excited to share our findings. Each food sale is run by a group of men who live in Knott, and each sale is either for profit or charity.


Monday: TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday)

TGIM is a nonprofit food sale, and at the end of every semester, their profits get donated. The organization they donate to varies. TGIM offers a selection of freshly prepared grilled cheese meals, complete with chips, dip, and a drink. I personally am a big fan of the Blessed Pope Pius IX five-cheese option, but meat lovers may prefer other creative options. You can even order a milkshake! They run 9:30pm-1:00am on Monday nights, feeding your snacking needs and donating to a local charitable organization. Win-win!



Tuesday (or sometimes Saturday): Knuggets

Knuggs is a new addition to the food sale scene in Knott this semester. A few ambitious freshmen took it upon themselves to fill the empty Tuesday night slot and I personally thank them for it. The nuggets themselves are nothing fancy but they’re priced reasonably and, depending on which option you choose, you can get tons of nuggets, your choice of sauces, and a drink. The convenience, quantity, and timing are well worth it for me on those Tuesday nights when the dining hall is closed and I really don’t want to interrupt my studying just yet by trekking back to West Quad. I’m a fan and my boyfriend and I have become repeat nugget orderers. The Big One is our favorite. They run on Tuesday nights. (The menu below says Saturday, but they’ve been flipping back and forth in recent weeks. You may have to ask a Knott resident what the email says that week.) For what it’s worth, Knuggets always sends the most meme-filled emails.


Wednesday: Waffle Wednesday

I can’t sing the praises of Waffle Wednesday loudly enough. These waffles don’t even pretend to be breakfast (but you can order them with syrup if you want!) and offer an extensive range of dessert combinations. I’d never put ice cream on waffles before, but it’s genius. This is easily my favorite food sale. Additionally, they have recently aded cinnamon buns to their menu. They run from 9:30pm-midnight on Wednesday nights. Fresh, delicious, worth it.

Thursday: Pizza Bagels

Pizza bagels are a great late-night meal. Their management has recently changed hands, but since I never experienced the original pizza bagels, it didn’t make a difference to me. I think the new guys are doing great. I’ve particularly enjoyed the pepperoni pizza bagels. They’re open 10:30pm-2am on Thursdays.  

Friday: Knotty Knoodles

Knotty Knoodles has recently been (temporarily) taken over by TGIM’s management, so the profits from this food sale will also begin to go toward the TGIM donation this semester. Forewarning, these noodles are seriously spicy. I’m definitely going to have to order The Lightweight next time. However, they are tasty and definitely satisfies a late-night Asian food craving in a cheap and convenient way. They also offer egg rolls, which I find extremely exciting. If you find the dining hall egg and spring rolls as underwhelming as I do, this is a great alternative.  They run from 10pm-1am on Friday nights.


Sunday Morning: Jersey Boys Breakfast

Jersey Boys is currently the longest-running Knott Hall food sale. Unfortunately, try as I might, I have not been able to order from Jersey Boys Breakfast. I’ve been trying for weeks and I always am only available on the days they’re closed. Based on their longevity, the things I’ve heard, and my other Knott food sales experiences, I’ll definitely keep trying. They run 10:00am to 1:00pm  on Sunday mornings and serve what I can best describe as hangover food. Here’s the menu, I wish you luck in catching the Jersey Boys in action.


Additionally, reading each of their emails and menus is always quite entertaining. On the whole, you can’t go wrong with Knott Hall food sales. Unfortunately, I’m not sure how active they’ll be during finals week, but keep them in mind when you get back to campus next fall.

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