Here's A List of Things To Do On Your Next Study Break

If you are anything like me you don’t want to take finals, but unfortunately we have to. Along with taking finals comes studying for them and this is where my favorite part comes in, STUDY BREAKS. While you shouldn’t take too many of them, study breaks will free your mind, relax you, and keep you from going insane during this week. Here is a list of things you can do this week as a study break.

  1. Hang out with friends
  2. Take a nap
  3. Watch Netflix
  4. If you don’t know what to watch there are plenty of great suggestions on Buzzfeed.
  5. Take too many quizzes on Buzzfeed- there are even quizzes to tell you what to watch on Netflix
  6. Find out more about your zodiac sign
  7. See if you and your crush are compatible based on zodiac signs, Buzzfeed quizzes, and Buzzfeed quizzes related to your zodiac sign
  8. Clean your room
  9. Do your laundry
  10. Call your mom and dad-trust me during finals you will be happy to hear her voice
  11. If you are feeling especially talkative call your grandparents too!
  12. Online shop-There is nothing like some good old fashion stress shopping to help calm your nerves.
  13. Buy Christmas gifts for your friends and family
  14. Go to the grotto
  15. Go work out
  16. Go for a run around the lakes and then stop at the grotto- you need all the prayer you can get right now
  17.  Read a book-NOT A TEXTBOOK
  18. DO YOUR CIFS- no seriously they are not playing around with these. If you don’t do them you have to wait even longer to get your grades back and who needs that kind of agony in their life?
  19. Spend the rest of your flex points if you haven’t already
  20. Stress eat at Lafun
  21. Stress eat really anywhere on campus
  22. Visit McWell
  23.  Start an Instagram account for your dog- I don’t have a dog but if I did he would definitely have more followers than me
  24. Find a dog and pet it. You will feel better. It’s science.
  25. Pack to go home- it will fill you with hope for the near future
  26. Make a new Spotify playlist- you can even make one for studying if you ever get back to that.
  27. Try out a new beauty routine
  28. Get to know your RA better- on second thought they are probably studying right now so maybe hold off on that one
  29. Read this insanely long list I wrote
  30. Read any of my other articles- I promise they aren’t all lists
  31. Join Her Campus- no seriously do it
  32. Okay and at this point you should probably start studying again because this was a pretty long list.

So at this point I am basically saying do anything you want. It is your study break so you should do what makes you feel good.

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