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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

On Sunday, May 19, the Class of 2013 will graduate from the University of Notre Dame. Also on this day, four of Her Campus Notre Dame’s fantastic writers will graduate from Our Lady’s University and take their talents to bigger and better things.  

Sam Stempky, Alexandra Wiatr, Meredith Durant and Priscilla Nyankson have been integral members of HCND’s team and provided a variety of wonderful articles to enlighten and inform our readers. They will be greatly missed next year, and we wish them nothing but the best in their pursuit of their dreams.

In true HCND fashion, these young ladies have shared wonderful memories and valuable wisdom. Keep reading for snippets of their ND careers and to find out which of their HCND articles was their favorite!

Sam Stempky ’13

Post-grad plans:  Working as an Advisory Consultant for Deloitte in Chicago

Words of wisdom for undergrads: Take chances and SOAK LIFE UP. Everyone says it, but these 4 years really do fly by.

Favorite thing about ND: The community :) and the space to explore the truth revealed in faith.

Favorite memory: Sophomore and junior year I lived in the 4th floor six-chick in Lewis, and I will forever miss our epic dance parties.

Favorite article written for HCND: “10 Ways to Love Yourself Better”


Alexandra Wiatr ’13

Post-grad plans: Buyer (fashion merchandising) at Abercrombie & Fitch headquarters 

Words of wisdom: Live life freely and happily, and never regret a single thing you do. Learn from your mistakes and love everyone in your life. Do things you would never, ever in your wildest dreams think you would do. Relish every second of your time at ND, it goes by SO fast!

Favorite thing about ND: The fact that you can have unbiased, judgment-free intelligent conversations with so many different people

Favorite memory: Anything and everything that has to do with studying abroad in Perth, Australia. 

Favorite article written for HCND: I really enjoyed writing the piece in response to the anti-gay marriage article back in April – “The Gay Marriage Debate: A Call for Acceptance.” It came from my heart, and I would write it all over again without changing anything. 


Meredith Durant ’13

Post-grad plans: Working in Finance.

Words of wisdom: Cherish every moment at Notre Dame.  Don’t sweat the small things.  If you are unhappy in your major, your relationships, or any aspect of your life, do not waste time being upset or feeling sorry for yourself. Instead make the necessary changes so that you can enjoy life.  Notre Dame is an academically rigorous university, but that does not mean you need to be killing yourself and not having any fun.

     It sounds cliché, but do not ever change who you are for anyone. At some point the truth about who you are will come out, and the relationship will not work. And most importantly always take personal responsibility for your actions and behavior towards others. If you do something hurtful or embarrassing, own up to it and apologize. Likewise, if someone does something hurtful towards you, forgive him or her and let it go, even if the person didn’t have the courage to apologize.  Do not regret any failed friendship or relationship because it is all a learning experience.

     Also remember everyone has their own burdens they are struggling with, and although it is so easy to be judgmental and become angry with someone quickly, try your very best to give others the benefit of the doubt it’s what you would want them to do for you.

     Never let a bad grade or other people’s behavior, words, or judgments about you change your self-perception. Only you can define who you are.  It’s all about perspective, and even the seemingly worst circumstances can be absolutely fantastic with a positive attitude and a willingness to just find the good in every situation. Just please never give up on yourself, even if others have given up on you, and you will make it through any trivial or major adversity that lies ahead.

Favorite thing about ND: The Notre Dame Community and the inclusiveness, humility and generosity of the student body. Notre Dame is full of so many amazing individuals with big hearts and genuine interests in being there for one another. I also love the campus. It is so beautiful, even in the snow.

Favorite Memory: Singing the Alma Mater with my classmates at the end of every football game. It is so special to be able to experience being united with my classmates. It really feels magical when our whole student body sings the Alma Mater while putting our arms around one another. It makes me feel connected, and like I am part of something greater than myself.  Also, I’ll never forget coming back from Winter Break freshman year, and actually recognizing, and chatting with, people on the quads while walking to class. I was so excited because I finally felt integrated in the community.

Favorite article written for HCND: “Pink Never Graduates”


Priscilla Nyankson ’13

Post-grad Plans: Working for Gallo Winery (wohooo, yay wine!) in their Management Development Program

Word of Wisdom: Do not bite off more than you can chew. That being said, success only comes to those who push themselves beyond their limits.

Favorite thing about ND: My friends, as cliché as that might be.

Favorite memory: During sophomore year our Women’s Rugby team played won toughest game any of us had ever played, in San Diego, California, to make it to the National Championships. I have never been so exhausted and so proud at the same time.

Favorite article written for HCND: “This One is For the Girls”



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