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HCND’s End of Semester Beauty Survival Guide

I woke up one Fall Break morning to a mysterious brown box sitting at my front door.

When I dragged it inside my apartment I realized it was Her Campus’ Back-to-School Essentials Kit, created just for Her Campus Notre Dame in collaboration with Style Watch Magazine.

So, Charlie the Bunny and I dug in!

My only friend over Fall Break.

First, we pulled out the Style Watch Magazine October Issue. So many fun style tips and ideas in this issue of Style Watch Magazine. Charlie and I spent Fall Break together going through this month’s issue to find out Fall fashion inspiration then went to Chipotle with our leftover BOGO giftcard from our Back-to-School Survival Kit.

Okay, so you’re a little tipsy post-Feve, with an empty box of cheesy Vesuvio’s pizza sitting on your counter (because it’s obviously more cost effective to buy an entire pizza instead of a ridiculously priced $3 slice!), face covered in grease, sweat, and maybe a little regret after insisting you can totally make your way through a crowd of sweaty bodies with a drink without somebody shoving it in your face.

Actually me @ Vesuvio’s.

Anyways, your face is covered in weird substances and you just want to go to bed. Simple Cleansing Wipes are my go-to when I just can’t wash my face and need to keep my beautiful skin perfect. They’re apparently super sensitive on your skin and use ~triple-purified water, pro-vitamin B5 and Vitamin E (apparently some healthy stuff!). Yum. When I wake the next morning with my face glued to the pillow I don’t even regret that third slice of pizza anymore.

Obviously need something to get me through Friday, so I bre a full pot of coffee and start chugging. I drink a lot of coffee and don’t completely hate myself, so I try to make sure I don’t have Austin Powers teeth. 

My number one will always be Colgate Optic WhiteI started using this stuff a while ago and JUST ran out when I received a new tootbrush, whitening pen, and toothpaste. Pretty sure I’m set for the semester. This stuff seriously whitens.

I’m really into #dark colors this season so I opted for the Milani Nail Polish Silhouette green color to go with my #alt style. The green goes great with the changing leaves and is bright enough to work as a Game Day color. I’ve been a fan of Milani for years (specifically their hot pink shade for when I’m feeling ~fun & flirty~), but I love their new updated cylinder bottle.

You don’t wanna see the right hand…

Feeling rebellious? Wanna literally shine on the dance floor? MissMe Jeans Temporary Body Tattoos make you look #edgy without the permanance of your mom forever judging you for appropriating cultures with your tribal tattoos or being #basic with an arrow on your wrist. 

We’re ready to finish off this semester with pearly whites, fall fashion inspiration, and fresh nails. Are you?

Here’s me being #fall hugging a giant pumpkin.

Thanks, Style Watch Magazine and Her Campus!

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