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HCND Writer and Lewis Little Jess Cioffi ’18

Jess Cioffi: one of Notre Dame’s finest freshmen chicks. Known for her smokin’ hot looks and supreme engineering brilliance, Jess is not one to shy away from being named Campus Cutie. Not only is she the best Lewis Little in town, she is also one of the most loyal and caring people I know. Check out her answers to this cute interview!

Jess, as Lewis Hall’s famous mascot

Fast Facts:

Name: Jess Cioffi

Year: Freshman (2018)

Dorm: Lewis

Major: Computer Engineering

Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Activities: Ballroom club, budding Her Campus writer, SWE, flag football, broomball

Opening line: “Who am I? You sure you want to know?” – Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker

The Cioffi sisters


What is your favorite quote or one-liner from T.Swift?

“Isn’t it wild and intriguing and beautiful to think that every day we are new?”

What is your least favorite part of the human face?

Upper lip, because it shouldn’t be hairy… but it is.

What kind of old person would you want to grow up to become?

The cute grandma that crochets and bakes cookies.

Who is your celeb personality-twin?

J-Law. She is blunt without being rude. When she’s clumsy and messes up, she owns it.

What is your favorite 4-legged creature?

Elephant, because they’re super big but gentle and adorable. They have insane memories and their ears are cute.

Your life is a 200-page novel. What is page 152 about?

My sweet sixteen – we threw a gigantic party and I wore a gorgeous red ball gown. In New York, it’s kind of a thing to throw huge, wedding-size sweet sixteens. I made a speech, and I dedicated candles to people. I got to slow-dance with my boyfriend for the first time, which was sweet. I never actually felt truly beautiful until that night.

Jess in her red ball gown at her Sweet Sixteen Party


Why ND?

I heard about Notre Dame from a friend, and since it is such a good school, I applied to see if I would get in. When I got my acceptance letter, I realized I applied for the wrong reasons and actually knew nothing about the school, so I looked into it and I came out to visit, and I fell in love. The visit was what won me over.

Do you consider yourself to be a romantic?

Yes.. no… I used to be… Well, I love those cute little romantic gestures. However, I feel like people have unrealistic expectations of love: it is not about finding the perfect human being, and not necessary finding someone to complete you; you don’t need someone to complete you. It’s a special connection you have with someone. They accept your imperfections, and you accept theirs. When you find that connection- you just know. That’s what love is. So I’m a romantic, but in my own way.

What do you think would be the hardest thing for you to give up on?

True love…

Jess and her friend lookin’ fine at prom

Jess, have you ever broken the Lewis PDA rule?

Do not ask me that question.

Tell me your most awkward ND experience.

I’ve been put into many awkward situations. However, I cannot look back on any Notre Dame experience and think of it as downright bad.

But… about two weeks into last semester, I saw this guy in the dining hall that I had met at Frosh-O. I was carrying this cup of pudding with Butterfinger crunches on top, and when I saw him, instead of saying hi like I had planned on, I ended up choking on the crunches and started coughing insanely. He was like, “Uh…” and started to walk away, but I was like, “Wait! Hi!” and it became a running joke.

Who in your life has made the greatest impact on you?

My parents, definitely. From when I was little, they have been guiding me to follow my dreams no matter what they were. Now, I am here at Notre Dame, making the most of it. I am so grateful for everything they have done for me.

Jess, and her amazing future roommates

Tough Choices:

Love letters or poems? Love letters.

New Year’s or Valentine’s Day?  New Year’s.

Facebook or Instagram?  Insta.

Aspen Ski trip or Alaskan Cruise?  Alaskan Cruise. Cruises make the world a better place.

Not so much an Alaskan Cruise, but Jess in Chicago weather is basically the same… right?

Remember, it’s nice to be nice!


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