Halloween Week: Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes That You Can Create in Minutes

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, ladies! That’s right, it’s HalloWEEK! Quite possibly the best week/weekend of college, Halloween is no longer restricted to only one day. Along with getting ahead on homework and studying in preparation to go out to as many Halloween parties as possible, don’t forget to put together some fabulous costumes! If you’re like me and accidentally waited until the last possible minute to begin thinking about what to wear, then I would highly suggest trying one of these easy and cute DIY Halloween costumes that will make you look as if you have been planning for this all year long.

  1. 1. Skeleton

    The skeleton costume is a great option for anyone who is particularly confident in their makeup skills, because you can simply pair this look with an all black outfit. However, even if you are not too sure of your makeup abilities, I would still try this out. Use dark, cool toned eyeshadows for your eye makeup and to contour your cheekbones. Opt for a chic, dark red lip if you’re not feeling the skeleton teeth look. I would recommend practicing this if possible before to find which colors and brushes will work best to create this skeletal look.

  2. 2. Mummy

    For this mummy costume, all you need is gauze! Head to any pharmacy and pick up a few rolls of gauze for a DIY mummy costume. Put on as much (or as little) clothing as you wish and then wrap yourself up. Finish off the look by teasing your hair and brushing some dark colored makeup over the gauze for that “been dead for years but still cute” look.

  3. 3. Prisoner

    As long as you can get ahold of a black and white striped shirt, then you’ve got this costume in the bag! Pair it with a black beanie and some fake handcuffs to bring the whole outfit together. This costume will be a steal!

  4. 4. Boxer

    What girl doesn’t own a sports bra and some athletic shorts? This costume is perfect for that last minute Halloween party that you haven’t planned for. Put your hair in two french (boxer) braids and wrap your hands to look like you’ve just won a match. This costume is definitely a knock-out!

  5. 5. Black Cat

    You can’t forget about the go-to black cat costume. This one is a classic. Find or borrow some cat ears and use eyeliner to draw on some whiskers. Don an all black outfit and you’ll be a CATch!

  6. 6. BONUS Couples Costume: Cosmo and Wanda

    Did you and bae forget to coordinate a costume? Have no fear, The Fairly Odd Parents have you covered in a pinch! Tell bae to wear a white button down and a black tie while you wear a yellow t-shirt. DIY bonus if you make fake wands and crowns out of paper!

Halloween can be scary, but not having a costume planned is even scarier! Hopefully these easy last minute costume ideas will help you get Halloween party ready without all the stress.