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Guide to Off-Campus Dining

Sick of the Dining Hall? Now what?

By this time of the school year, most ND students are probably tired of waiting in line for some mediocre stir-fry, or choking down a dry chicken breast in the dining hall. At the same time, a lot of us don’t have access to a car. So, where’s a girl supposed to get some decent food close to campus? I break it down below.

1. Parisi’s Ristorante Italiano, 1412 S Bend Ave, https://www.parisisrestaurant.com

Just behind Eddy Street, Parisi’s is a great place to grab a good meal without the need to take a cab or borrow a friend’s car. It’s not the cheapest of eateries but you will definitely get your money’s worth of food, as every entrée comes with a side of spaghetti. This is a great option for when family comes to visit!

2. Granite City, University Park Mall, http://www.gcfb.net/menu

Granite City is just behind the University Park Mall, meaning you can easily take the bus to get there. Go with a group of friends and try the spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer. There is a large variety of entrees, but my personal favorite is the “Mediterranean Chicken.” The desserts are amazing as well, and if you’re there for a birthday you can get a free cookie sundae baked in it’s own skillet!

3. Golden Dragon, (574) 272-8888

Golden Dragon is always a safe option if you feel like ordering Chinese to your dorm room. It’s inexpensive and they have a huge menu from which to choose – perfect for a fun night in with the girls!

4. The Mark Dine and Tap, 1234 Eddy Street, http://themarkdineandtap.com

Always a classic, The Mark is an excellent choice for a date night. Located just off campus on Eddy Street, The Mark has an extensive menu including several gluten-free options. Try this spot for a Sunday brunch too!



Julia is a junior IT Management major from Minneapolis. When she isn't making spreadsheets in Excel, Julia can usually be found perusing antique shops, redecorating her dorm room, or speaking with a beautiful Minnesotan accent.
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