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Guess What Day it is? Hump Day!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Wednesday. The day after Tuesday, you know, the one before Thursday. Smack dab in the middle of the week, Wednesday has come to be known as Hump Day. Which to me means longest/worst day ever. The idea behind Hump Day is that getting past Wednesday is your gateway into the weekend. Once you get over that hump, you are in the home stretch. Hump day can be quite a climb. And I’ll save you all the nostalgia by suppressing my desire to include lyrics from Miley’s “The Climb.” But really, getting through hump day is quite a task. Whether it’s school, work, meetings, or just making it through another day, hump day is what can be the downfall for a lot of us.

The nice part about getting over that hump is everything goes so fast after Wednesday. Hop off the struggle bus you’ve been riding all day, and boom it’s Thursday before you know it. And then its Friday and you can’t wait to lay in bed all day mentally preparing for a night that everybody hopes will be #socollege. And then you wake up and it’s Saturday and wait for it, you get to do it all over again!!

So, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are just a constant uphill battle climbing up the hump. Wednesday you’re only task is to get over that hump. Whatever it takes, get over that hump. If you fail a test along the way, have a mental breakdown, shed a few tears, its OK! It’s going be tough. It’s going to be the longest day of your life, but you’re going to heave the biggest sigh of relief once you collapse at the end of the day on your couch, bed, floor, or maybe the sidewalk for those of us who just don’t have it left in us to make it back home.  But just remember, once you’re over that hump, you’re over it. Next comes the easy part! After Wednesday, you’re that much closer to that magical thing called the weekend. Now, Friday is so close you can almost taste the horrible things you’ll consume all weekend long. All you’ve got to do is get through Thursday and Friday and then you can give yourself the biggest high five for not only getting through hump day but the week all together.

This year, I’ve gained an entirely new appreciation (and hatred) for the term “hump day.” I’m convinced there is some sort of club or union or federation that all of my professors happen to belong to where they meet and discuss their week’s plans of all having tests on Wednesday, along with in-class essays, papers due, and presentations. Awesome! Really I think the only thing on the agenda for their meetings is how to make Wednesday as complicated as possible for their students. And the really nice thing about these teachers is they’re consistent. They don’t just load the work on you one week and leave you with free time the next time around.  Noooo, they make sure that every week you’re pulling your hair out trying to accomplish everything for that day. The other really great thing is these teachers don’t just limit the torture to Wednesday. See, because Wednesday is destined to be awful, that means that you’re Tuesdays are shot too. Tuesday is now full of plans for a hot date at the library. And if you’re a really good person, you spend your Monday dedicated to Wednesday too. But what if you have something due Tuesday that you need to work on? Nope, hump day strikes again. So basically, Wednesday ruins everything, and even once it’s over, the teachers sit there and laugh because they know next Wednesday is going to kill us all over again. These teachers wouldn’t want you to be, oh lets say, relaxing. Nope they just keep increasing the incline of the hump week after week. So much so that I’ve now deemed my own personal hump days as Mt. Everest days. Because that’s what I feel like when I finally descend the hump, like I’ve just climbed a 20,000 something foot mountain.

But the thing is, when people climb Mt. Everest, it’s quite an accomplishment, and they rightfully deserve a high five. Well, they deserve a bit more than just a high five, but you get the idea.  Anyways, getting over that hump is an accomplishment, and you should reward yourself for making it out alive. Get yourself through the next 2 days and the weekend you worked so hard for is all yours.

So, whether it’s a Mt. Everest day, a regular hump day, or for some strange reason you’re teachers actually like you and don’t feel the need to torture you every Wednesday, just remember, you can do it. The weekend is practically here.  And you better soak up the goodness of hump day being in the past, because another hump day is right around the corner…


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