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Golden Globes Fashion Review

Like many “women and gay men” (according to Amy Poehler in her and Tina Fey’s opening speech), I spent my Sunday night watching the Golden Globes. While I admit I haven’t seen or heard of half of the series/mini-series/films that were nominated, everyone knows the real fun is in scoping out what everyone was wearing. And making fun of awkward moments on stage. And maybe doing a little bit lot of creeping on hot guys (shoutout to Chris Pine and his baby blue eyes for stealing the whole show even though he was on stage for maybe 30 seconds).


ow OWW look at that bowtie and those patent leather shoes. So fresh.

Sorry, off topic…I need to learn to control my inner (or not so inner) fangirl. Following are some of my favorite looks of the night, and a couple that slightly missed the mark:            

Leslie Mann. Aka Zac Efron/Chandler’s (oops. Matthew Perry’s) wife in 17 Again. She looks absolutely fab in this dress. Maybe I’m just partial to lace and peplums, but this simple and elegant Dolce & Gabbana paired with a red lip and sideswept hair is tres magnifique.

Amy Adams. It’s still hard for me not to picture her as the innocent Giselle in Enchanted, so this scandy Valentino with a plunging neckline threw me for a second. However, she rocks it. Red is such a great color on her, and I love that her hair is in an updo so it really gives the dress a chance to stand out.

Reese Witherspoon. Though simple, Reese’s solid teal Calvin Klein racerback dress is killin’ it. It’s both sassy and classy and her straight shoulder-length hair is adorable.

Sophia Vergara and Emma Roberts. I put these two together because while I think they both look amazing, I think it’s funny that they are essentially twinning. I love Sophia’s Zac Posen ball gown, and her turquoise statement necklace is the perfect piece to spice up an otherwise plain dress. On the other side, Emma’s off-the-shoulder Lanvin mermaid gown is very sleek, especially paired with her slicked back ponytail. Her turquoise earrings are a great pop of color to add youth to her look.

Taylor Swift is wearing red (who’s surprised?). I’m definitely not hating though because this red strapless Carolina Herrara with a sweetheart neckline is flawless. Her curls are kind of a 50’s throwback, but in a totally modern way. She looks amazing, and not even going to lie, that’s a dress that I would personally love to wear.

As always at awards shows, some people look amazing, and some are slightly off.

Zooey Deschanel. I love Zooey, she’s my girl and the inspiration behind both my bangs and my glasses. However, I am not a fan of her Oscar de la Renta dress. Her hair and red lipstick look great, but the tulle that looks like a t-shirt over it is just not doing it for me. The color kind of washes her out, and compared to some of the other women on the red carpet, she doesn’t really stand out. Zooey’s still great, but her dress choice could have been better.

Sarah Hyland. I think she’s so pretty, and normally I love what she wears, but this Georges Hobeika salmon gown is too plain. There are a million dresses she could’ve worn that would be way more fun. Even if her hair was down, she would have looked much more youthful. The combination of her dress and hair is totes tragique (Geek Charming reference anyone?).

Jennifer Lawrence. My personal favorite miss of the night is America’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence. She even had an entire Buzzfeed article dedicated to things she looked like (a snowman and a bowling pin among others). Her dress isn’t necessarily bad, it just kind of looks like a mess of tulle that’s randomly secured with a black sash. Similar to Ariel’s getup after becoming a human in The Little Mermaid – add some fire engine red hair and it would be hard to tell them apart.

As an aside, one of my favorite games while watching TV is always “Point Out All the Pairs of Louboutins” (anyone else? No? Okay). During the Golden Globes, the most noticeable appearance is when Emma Thompson traipsed onstage barefoot, shoes (and martini) in hand. She was holding them, gorgeous red soles right to the audience and then proceeded to throw those black Louboutin pumps over her shoulder! GIRL. Those are like $700, if you don’t want them, I will gladly take them off your hands (feet?).

Those are some of my favorite fashion highlights of the 2014 Golden Globes, what are yours? 

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