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Glossier is a makeup and skincare brand you’ve probably seen covering your Insta feed. Its simple and cute aesthetic draws in girls of all ages. They have pop-up stores in locations like Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Seattle, to name a few. The stores are mirror selfie heaven and have plenty of aesthetically pleasing photos-ops. But are there products worth their social media hype?

I’ll be honest: I was very skeptical at first. I felt that their cutesy packaging was a cover for sub-par skincare and makeup products. It took 2 years for my Glossier-obsessed sister to convince me to try a product, and I was proven wrong. I love their makeup products because they are all so, so easy to use and have a natural, dewy look. In general, I’d recommend trying the makeup products. The skincare is fine, but there are plenty of other options on the market that give the same results! If you’re curious about Glossier, here are my recommendations of what to try (and not to try):


Do try:

I’ve tried all of these products and feel they’re 100% worth the hype and the money.


The first product I tried was the “Perfecting Skin Tint.”

This is like Glossier’s version of a BB cream. It’s very low coverage but gives your face a glowy tint. I love it, especially for days when I don’t want to wear foundation but I want to have a little extra color or cover up some redness. 

Next up is the “Lidstar”: the lazy girl’s guide to eyeshadow.

Lidstar is the world’s easiest liquid eyeshadow. It gives your eyelids a perfect sheer shine with a little bit of color. It’s super user-friendly: you open up the tube, take the wand, swipe a little bit on your eyelid and literally rub it around your eyelid with your finger. 


Glossier’s most famous product: “Boy Brow”

This is the best eyebrow gel I’ve ever tried: the tints are great, and again, it’s super easy to use. It thickens your brows, fills them in and holds them in place – all in one product! Would 10/10 recommend.

One of their most well-known skincare products is the “Solution.”

The award-winning Solution is an exfoliating solution/toner. It’s supposed to get rid of dead skin, clear up acne and reduce redness. It leaves your skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. I really recommend this for girls who want to add a toner or exfoliator to their skincare routine. It, like all Glossier products, is easy to use: you take a cotton pad, pump some solution onto it and rub all over your face.   


Don’t try:

These products are some to avoid: while the packaging is still cute, they aren’t too different from other options on the market.


“Milky Oil”: it’s just a makeup remover

I would not recommend spending $12 on this product – you’re better off heading to CVS and buying some micellar water to remove your makeup. This is basically just Glossier’s version of micellar water.

Glossier’s moisturizer: “Priming Moisturizer”

There’s nothing wrong with this moisturizer, it does the job. I personally felt I could have just continued using my Neutrogena or Cetaphil moisturizers – there was no quality difference and there IS a price difference.


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