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“Gilmore Girls” Forever: Fun Facts About the Reunion

“Where you lead, I will follow”. Carole King sang it in 1971, and in 2000, we learned to follow Lorelai and Rory Gilmore on whatever misadventures they found themselves on, in Stars Hollow and beyond.

And, now, we’ll follow them to the apex of young adult culture: Netflix.

Last week, sources confirmed that Gilmore Girls co-creators Amy Sherman Palladino and Dan Palladino had signed a deal with Netflix to revive the beloved series for four episodes. My first instinct naturally was to think that a measly four episodes could not make up for the eight whole years that we have had to live without the show! Have no fear, fangirls and fanboys alike; each episode of the Gilmore Girls reboot is set to be a satisfying, cinema-style ninety minutes long.

In addition to the extended length, other special things are in the works for this revival. Each episode is set to span several months, with each focusing on one season. Personally, I’m overjoyed that we get to hear Lorelai’s excitement about the snowfall during the winter and Emily planning an extravagant European summer vacation for a full ninety minutes. 

As of now, Alexis Bledel (Rory), Lauren Graham (Lorelai), Kelly Bishop (Emily), and Scott Patterson (Luke) are all confirmed and expected to return for the show’s Netflix run, and other fan favorites are sure to follow suit. With a lot of fan favorites missing, there are many, many questions to be had. Let’s take a moment to investigate what the world of the Gilmore women (and company) may look like in 2015.

A Tale of Two Boyfriends

Last we saw of Rory Gilmore, our favorite bookworm was single, having weathered multiple relationships and one very public marriage proposal. She was hot in pursuit of an up and coming politician whose name might ring a bell (Barack Obama) and was planning to report on his presidential campaign. And, while we are all glad to see our girl achieving her dreams, many were unsatisfied with the lack of a fairytale love connection for her. So, whether you’re #TeamLogan or #TeamJess, here's hoping that Rory ended up with someone totally deserving of her.

Are They or Aren’t They?

From their confused flirtations in season one to their eventual breakup in season six, Luke and Lorelai were everyone’s definition endgame. They seemed so perfect; he was a father figure to Rory and a confidante to Lorelai. By the end of the series, they had weathered every storm on the relationship spectrum, from friends to fiancés to exes, and their future was not entirely clear-cut. If anything is accomplished by this revival, the duo Palladinos should include the much needed Luke and Lorelai closure fans deserve.

O Paris, Where Art Thou?

Sooooo what exactly did everyone’s favorite queen of cynicism do with her life? Did she go to law school as she planned (She did end up on How to Get Away With Murder anyway)? Did she go to med school as she also planned? Is she president of the USA? Or perhaps of the United Nations? Whatever the case may be, we’re sure to have a stockpile of sarcastic comebacks courtesy of Ms. Geller when the Netflix episodes air.

So, collegiates, for whatever reason you started watching GG, whether it be for the witty repartee…

or the comfort of knowing that your coffee addiction is totally not problematic...

It’s good to know that we can come home again to Stars Hollow. No worries if you haven’t seen the series; there’s loads of time left for a binge watch!

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