Getting To Know the Boys of Siegfried 2A

Names: Shane Johnson / Michael Havighorst

Nicknames: Cutie Pie / Thicc Mike

Dorm and Section: Siegfried 2A

Major: Computer Engineering / Computer Science and Economics

Graduation Year: 2020

Hometown: Waldorf, MD / HoFlo, Chiraq​

What was your favorite thing about studying abroad in Rome this summer?

Mike: As a lover of fine establishments, such as Dominos, I was in for quite an awakening when I arrived in Rome. Needless to say, the Za was my favorite part of Rome.

Shane: I loved Rome, but my favorite experience was being able to travel and explore continental Europe. My favorite place was Prague, and from what I remember from that trip, the city is incredible.

What is your favorite Notre Dame memory?

Mike: Cracking a cold La Croix with the boys at my very first tailgate

Shane: Welcome weekend as a freshmen. I instantly fell in love with the school so much that I decided to volunteer to work it this year.


What is your favorite girl’s dorm?

Mike: Welsh-Family

Shane: Farley


What is your favorite night at the dining hall?

Mike: Burger Night

Shane: Burrito Night


South or North?

Mike: South

Shane: North


How was Lollapalooza?

Mike: Lollapalooza was a blur. So many new experiences and great performances. My favorite by far was 21 Savage. Bank Account was Lit!

Shane: That was my first time at a music festival, and it lived up to the hype and then some. Rae Sremmurd was probably my favorite performance I saw, but every act performed their hearts out. Also, I might have found my future wife there.



Mike: Only on the weekends ;)

Shane: And ready to mingle


Slim thicc?

Mike: Wrong. It’s Thicc Mike

Shane: Wit yo cute ass

Feve or Cheers?

Mike: Neither. Feve.

Shane: O’Rourke’s


Monterey’s or Salsa’s?

Mike: Salsa’s

Shane: Monterrey’s


Beverage of Choice?

Mike: Tea

Shane: Blue Powerade


Favorite type of Burt’s Bees?

Mike: Coconut

Shane: Pink Lemonade


Favorite DCOM?

Mike: The Wizards of Waverly Place movie

Shane: The Wizards of Waverly Place movie


What do you want to be when you grow up and why?

Mike: I hope to use my Computer Science degree and my Economics degree to be the most powerful man in corporate finance. (If that makes sense)

Shane: I hope to run Accenture, as I am dedicated to consulting. I believe that I can build the skill set to help advise tech companies throughout their development, and I love to travel.


Favorite famous quote:

Mike: “People don’t say the world be like it is. But it do” -Father John Conley

Shane: “You can pay for school, but you can’t buy class.” - Jay-Z

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Images: All images provided by the Author or Interviewee