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Spotify. Soundcloud. Shazam. It seems impossible to keep track of all the music apps floating around in the cyber cloud. When you have more than one app on your phone, it gets even more confusing and choosing which one to use can seem like an impossible decision. However every app has its strengths…and its weaknesses. So this semester, start using your music apps the right way and enjoy your music at its full potential!

Best for Running: Spotify

There was once a time when people would go for runs without earbuds blasting their favorite tunes. *shudder* In one of the most recent updates of the free music app, Spotify included a new feature simply labeled Running. When you select a playlist and then start your morning jog, the app calibrates your tempo and matches music to go with it. Want to speed up? Just increase the tempo. Add to that awesome original playlists such as “The Chase” and “Epic” and your obligatory laps just came right out of the movies. 

Runner up: Songza

Songza’s concierge program provides work-out specific playlists; whether you are running, cycling or lifting weights, they’ve got you covered. 


Best for the AUX Chord: Google Play Music 

We are all familiar with the feeling of sheer panic when passed the AUX chord in the car. The high expectations and public setting can either lead to greatness and stardom or destruction at the hands of comments like “WTF” and “just give me the chord already." It’s up to you to set the mood for your night out and which app should you turn to? Google Play Music is available for offline use with no restrictions, leaving you free to be the best DJ wherever the winding roads may take you. Choose your own playlists or pass it over to one of pros- either way, you get to take control of your own music. Watch out though, some of the benefits require a monthly subscription. 

Runner up: Spotify

Spotify also offers the chance to try your hand at DJ recognition, however the app faces some limitations when it comes to offline use. 

Best for Being a Music Hipster: 8 tracks

Radio stations these days play today’s hits into the ground until every time you hear the opening beats you want to start crying. The only cure to the sadness produced by the death of popular songs is finding new and refreshing tracks. 8 tracks is a lesser known music app but in my opinion, one of the best. Each user-created playlist is tagged by genre, musicians, and emotions. The unique aspect of 8 tracks is that as a listener, the songs in a playlist aren’t revealed to you until they start to play, so each track is a surprise. It’s a fun way to find that unique song. 

Runner up: Pandora

The original song-discovery app. Why fix something that isn’t broken right? 

Best for a Work Environment: Songza

Ever handed control over the speakers at work? Your brain automatically starts scrolling through your music, desperately trying to find something that is both family safe and will gain the respect of your coworkers. Songza has your back with playlists that clearly state “NSFW” or “Clean." Now you can choose with out fear of your boss or scarring young customers. Still, it might be best to stay away from the controversial genre of country--it can start some workplace fights!

Runner up: iTunes

Nothing is safer than music you choose yourself--and it allows for a quick switch when that explicit song shows up! 

Best for Presentations/Academic Use: Soundcloud

If you want to include some thematic music in the background of your next presentation, skip the complicated YouTube conversions or the iTunes purchase. Soundcloud has collections of instrumental and assorted tracks that are easily downloaded and compatible with most presentation apps. 

Get Downloading and Start Dancing Collegiettes! 

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