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Five Ways to Celebrate Your 21st ~Remotely~

I’m sure you’re already aware of the COVID-19 pandemic and how it is affecting the world in many ways. Whether it’s working from home, e-learning, zoom lectures, social distancing or self-quarantine, everyone’s routines are being shaken up. One thing that my roommate and I realized after reading the email saying that we would not be coming back to campus was that we were no longer able to celebrate our 21st birthday’s together. Even though this is not the most important concern we have, it certainly doesn’t help us try to keep a positive attitude. My roommate had some ideas on how she was going to celebrate, so we decided to brainstorm ways to remotely celebrate our 21st birthday’s:

Party With Your Parents (or anyone else you are quarantining with)

I know, I know, the idea of celebrating your 21st birthday with your parents sounds like the COOLEST THING EVER! I’m thinking a nice home cooked meal, decorations, photo-ops and the opportunity to drink quarantinis with your parents and older siblings. Perhaps you might arrange a nice brunch with mimosas because, honey, it’s five o’clock somewhere. The house is your oyster and this is a perfect chance to put you and your family’s party planning skills to the test. 

Google Doc Shot Sign Up Sheet

The idea that started it all! My roommate had this idea to post a Google Sheet on her Instagram story so people could sign up to FaceTime her and take a birthday shot with her. She also said that it could be a shot of anything, so her little siblings signed up to take juice shots with her. How cute is that?! Pro tip — take advantage of group FaceTime here! 

CupPong Tournament

It’s the game we all know and love: iPhone’s version of beer pong. Get competitive and start a tournament with your closest friends or fiercest rivals. Go as basic or as extra as you want!

Zoom Party

Zoom is my new best friend. I’m on there for lectures, class discussions, group projects and club meetings. Why not invite all your friends to a zoom party, Brady Bunch title sequence style? It might not be perfect, but at least it’s one form of contact with the outside world!

Turn Your Birthday into a Year Long Event

Personally, this is my favorite option for remotely celebrating my birthday. It really is the best of both worlds. Stay with me now and listen to my plan. On my birthday, I will spend time with friends and family enjoying a nice glass of wine with my favorite meal. Then, when we can remove the distance part from social distancing, I will go out on the town and experience the bar scene in true form. Plus, since all my friends from ND are spread across the country, this gives me a reason to throw myself another birthday party in the fall, four months after my birthday. Genius, I know!

So wherever you are and whoever you’re with, try to make the most out of these crazy times and give yourself a reason to smile. 

Oh and to whom it may concern – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) 

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Anna Garatoni

Notre Dame '21

I am a Marketing and Film major at Notre Dame and I live in Welsh Family Hall, where I serve as the publicity commissioner. I'm the middle sibling of 7 kids, so you could say that I'm an extrovert. Choosing a favorite TV show is too hard so here are my top 3: The Office, The Politician, and The Great British Baking Show. I love telling stories and hope to share my best ones with the Her Campus community.
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