The Five Best Heat Protectants for Curly or Dry Hair

I have had extremely curly hair since I was a child. I began straightening my hair by myself around fourth grade because I thought it was easier to manage. My hair has far more texture when curly, and sleeping on it always renders it wild and tangled; straightening my hair became my method to save time and cut back on how often I washed my hair. This, combined with my habit of highlighting my brown hair to a lighter blonde since sixth grade, does a fair amount of damage to my hair. As a result, I am now well-versed in hair products that will save your hair from both heat damage and dry winter weather. Here are some of the best fixes I have found so far:

  1. I love this product because it’s both so cheap and so effective. This spray goes on wet, which is uncommon for a product intended for use directly before heat styling with a flat iron, but it dries in seconds after the spray is brushed through the hair. It protects against heat up to four hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit, and it has prevented a lot of damage to my hair from my straightening habits.

  2. While a bit more expensive than Garnier’s flat iron spray, this Kenra blow-dry mist is worth the price. You don’t need much for the product to be effective, and it significantly reduces blow-drying time, which is especially important for people who frequently heat-style their hair. I have been using this for years, and I have stopped using it for periods of time, but I always end up going back to this particular mist.

  3. This is the most expensive product on the list, but this keratin serum repairs and protects my hair so effectively against dryness, split ends and heat damage. When used in moderation, such as once a week before I begin to dry my hair, it makes such a difference in the shine and overall health of my hair.

  4. This flat iron mist helps maximize the use of a ceramic flat iron on all hair types. I often find myself re-straightening every section of hair, which contributes to heat damage and the dryness of my ends. This spray minimizes the need for more than one pass on every strand of hair, effectively preventing more split ends.

  5. Moroccanoil is a tried and true brand for repairing and nourishing my hair. I love their shampoo and hairspray, but their original treatment is a great finisher on the ends of dry hair. It smells amazing, but it also prevents my hair from showing any split ends or dryness from the cold air.

These products fit a variety of price ranges, but they all have been extremely effective for me as someone with textured, curly hair. While some products do not combat frizz, protect the integrity of hair or aid the styling process, all of these sprays, creams and oils do exactly what they advertise.